Reyes Returns To The Recovery Process

Cardinals right-handed Alex Reyes hasn’t pitched yet this season due to shoulder problems, and now it seems that the Dominicans could miss more time.

Oliver Marmol told reporters that Reyes quit his job because of pain in his right shoulder after this week’s pitching session.

Reyes has already undergone an MRI and is seeking a second opinion before deciding on his next course of action. Marmol described the news as “extremely” disappointing, and Reyes said “I’ve experienced a lot … I hope he can recover.”


Considered one of the best prospects for baseball during his time in the St. Louis system, Reyes’ career was a series of stops and starts due to injuries. Tommy John’s surgery in 2017 struggled to get on the disabled list most of the time, but his shoulders have always been a concern in recent years.

After throwing only 722.3 innings between 2016 and 2020, the Cardinal chose to make Reyes a full-time relief in 2021. The result is a healthy and impressive season.

The right-handed player recorded a strikeout rate of 2.48 ERA and 30% in 72 1/3 innings, but Reyes was a year-round Cardinals primary closer, hampered by walks and home runs.

Reyes was not eligible to pitch until after June 8 after receiving a stem cell injection in March and being transferred to the disabled list for 60 days. Currently, it seems unlikely that he will reach that target date, and there seems to be a lot of doubt that Reyes will be able to pitch in 2022.

Reyes turned 28 in August and earned $ 2.85 million this season in the second season of the three-year arbitration. If Reyes misses most or all of the 2022 campaign, he will receive only a small salary increase or his salary will remain at $ 2.85 million. This is not a huge financial expense for St. Louis.

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