Ricardo Montaner Talks About His Daughter’s Choice To Get a Virgin To Marriage

The singer detailed in an interview what influenced his daughter’s choice, and what he thinks of his marriage to singer Camilo Echeverry.

The Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner He was the protagonist of one of the most tender and commented moments of the last weeks when He delivered his youngest daughter, Evaluna, to the altar , who a little over a week ago married the Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry; Now, the interpreter of “If I had to choose” talks about the Christian formation he has given to his sons and his daughter’s decision about getting a virgin to marriage.


In an interview with the program Tell me what you know, The singer talked about the emotions he had just before dawn before his daughter’s link with the singer.

“When you wake up and say ‘Today I will hand over my daughter’ is something strong. Until four in the morning I cried, my first long cry. At four in the morning I wrote a letter to Eva, in which I told her what I considered to be as a woman. It wasn’t just that he was getting married, there was a kind of act of resignation that was very hard for me as a dad, the truth ”, the singer was honest.

When questioned about the decision to get a virgin to marriage, which Evaluna made for some years, the singer said he felt proud and happy that this choice was completely his daughter, from the freedom and values ​​that both he and his wife, instilled in the young woman.

“Was it a decision of Eva Luna, for example, the fact of getting a virgin to your marriage? ” “Yes, that’s where freedom is based. Freedom is based on that: that you choose, ”he replied.

And I add: “She chose him as free as she is and because she believes, firmly, that she should do so because she has, more than a covenant with me, a covenant with God. And she sees it in a way in which we all have to respect him. It’s his way of thinking and we feel very happy about that. ”

Then, the reporter reminded him that he had also written a letter to Camilo, his son-in-law. “Yes, I told him that this marriage in itself is not exclusively his marriage with his partner. And that this was going to be a marriage of the whole family. And that I was going to love him personally as a son, until death do us part”, Said Ricardo.