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TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, New Mexico, USA – Billionaire adventurer Richard Branson reached space aboard his own space plane on Sunday in his boldest adventure yet, accomplishing the feat before Jeff Bezos, another billionaire. Branson, nearly 71, and five crewmates from his Virgin Galactic space tourism company reached an altitude of approximately 88 kilometers (53 miles) above the New Mexico desert, enough to experience three to four minutes of weightlessness and see the curvature of the Earth. They then returned home and landed on a runway. “Seventeen years of hard work to get this far,” said a jubilant Branson as he congratulated his team on the return trip aboard the sleek white Unity space plane. “It was all just magical,” he added. Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson carries crew member Sirisha Bandla on his shoulders as he celebrates his flight into space at Spaceport America near Truth or Consequences, NM, on Sunday, July 11, 2021 (AP Photo / Andres The rise and fall was intended to boost the confidence of Virgin Galactic, which plans to sell space tours next year. Branson became the first person to travel in his own spacecraft, surpassing Bezos by nine days. He also became the second septuagenarian to ascend into space (John Glenn flew the shuttle at age 77 in 1998) Bezos, the wealthiest person on the planet, sent him congratulations and added, “I can’t wait to join the club!” With about 500 people watching, including Branson’s wife, children, and grandchildren, a twin-body aircraft with its rocket stuck underneath took off on the first leg of flight. The aircraft then separated from the mothership. at an altitude of about 13 kilometers (8.5 miles) and fired its engine, reaching about three times the speed of sound, as it pierced the edge of space. The rocket plane portion of the flight took just 15 minutes. Sorry, but your browser cannot support embedded video of this type, you can download this video to view it offline. The crowd cheered, jumped, and screamed as the craft landed on the runway. Others embraced. Mike Moses, a senior Virgin Galactic executive, said that aside from some problems with transmitting video images from inside the cabin, the flight was perfect and the craft looked flawless. “That was an amazing achievement,” Canadian Chris Hadfield, former commander of the International Space Station, said on the sidelines. “I am delighted to see where this open door will lead now. It’s a great moment ”. Virgin Galactic conducted three pre-space test flights with just two or three crew members. Connect with the WABNEWS! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications, or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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