Richard Núñez Affirmed That Sergio Markarián Kicked Him Out Of Cruz Azul

Editorial Half-time

Mexico City / 16.05.2020 21:53:44

The transfer of Richard Núñez from Cruz Azul to America caused a lot of controversy among cement fans, who were hurt by this situation, which turned the Uruguayan into a ‘non grato’ character, to the degree that he was considered a traitor due to rivalry. that exists between both teams.


“The issue is when Sergio Markarián arrives we came from a great tournament where the Atlante in Cancun eliminates us and then they are champions, at the airport Sergio tells me that he will not take me into account playing in that position, or he played behind the wheel or not I could play, and I was not comfortable in that position, and he told me that I had to find my way out, and they looked for me from America, ”the Uruguayan told Marca.

“Yon de Luisa called me, who was hiring and very quickly we reached the agreement, there were no obstacles. If I had been more mature I would have stayed at Cruz Azul even if I didn’t play and charging, but the fans didn’t deserve it either, and today they reproach me that I was a traitor, but if I stayed they would claim that I stole money and neither one thing nor the other I made a decision to go to a big team like America, to do that to Cruz Azul was to betray them. ”

Núñez recalled the moment when Cruz Azul was eliminated in the Semifinals against Pachuca due to an improper alignment by Salvador Carmona, who was already disabled due to a doping problem and had activity on the Ida against the Tuzos.

“Pachuca eliminates us in another Liguilla because Mizrahi aligned Salvador Carmona, who was disabled, we all had the motivation to be champions, this is still suffered by Cruz Azul, it wasn’t just us.”