Ricky Martin Avoids Depression Due To Confinement: Record Video Clip With His Cell Phone

The singer ventured to experiment from the garage of his house for the video clip of the remix of his single “Tiburones”.

Now that the world has had to adapt its rhythms and even forms of work due to the pandemic of COVID-19, many have had to change their usual workplaces for the spaces in their home, such is the case of Ricky Martin , who neither being in quarantine neglects his career, so he ventured to record a video clip with the only help of his cell phone.


Ricky He is going through this quarantine with his mother, husband and children and a few days ago he confessed that he was having moments of anxiety and anguish that led him to feel that he was on the verge of depression. However, it seems that spending his time on work matters improves the singer’s mood.

On his Instagram account, the Puerto Rican published a couple of photos where he shows the site where he filmed and admitted that he is using his own cell phone for this.

“Like when you record with your mobile the video of your single in the garage of your house,” said the singer in his Instagram post.

“It is the moment that we need to sit down to breathe and maybe eventually start writing and I feel like I have to go back to the studio to capture everything I am feeling, like a new code of life is being created, in full survival, and I think they are issues that need to be addressed, “he confessed a few days ago.

It should be remembered that the song “Tiburones” already has an official video, but this time it is a remix duet with Farruko, also a Puerto Rican singer and producer of urban music, who is already on all platforms of streaming.

According to the photographs he published Ricky Martin In their networks, it is a project that was only recorded in the garage of their houses with a pair of led lights and their cell phone as the main camera.