Ricky Martin External His Support To # UnDíaSinNosotras And Applauds Initiative

The singer said he is proud that there are organizations that ensure the rights of women.

Ricky Martin he will return to Mexico with his tour Tour movement, and as a sign of solidarity with Mexican women and their concern for what happens in the social environment in which we live, said his show will have violet lights in support of the national strike # UnDíaSinMujeres or # UnDíaSinNosos, which will take place on March 9.


“In my show that day I will have the color violet, on stage, and I am here, supporting the woman at any time and I love that there is this organization that makes women go out to the streets demanding the basics , Security, pussy, just that, the basics! ”

The singer also said he expects this movement to have a great impact in Latin America and said that from his social networks he will also support the initiative.

“I hope that what happens in Mexico is of impact in the region and that all the women of Latin America come out to demand for what happens in Mexico, but unfortunately it is that this is something that happens in the whole world and hopefully one day everything the planet is purple, I hope there is an international day against violence against women, but international, I believe that Mexico has the possibility of this happening, and I for my part in my social networks I will not be silent , I will be with you ”, the singer expressed energetic to the subject.

He also said that at the same time that he will show solidarity and sensitivity towards women, he will also offer them what he does best: sing and dance: “Yes, I have prepared a beautiful show, we will remember old times, we will sing all those ballads romantic, type ‘cortvenas’, and obviously Latin music in a carnival of an hour forty-five of a show ”.