Ricky Martin Steals A Kiss From The Driver Of Viña Del Mar

Ricky Martin Steals a Kiss From The Driver Of Viña Del Mar

The Puerto Rican singer appeared at the opening of the musical festival where he delighted his fans with his magnificent spectacle that made him take a Silver and Gold Gull

Ricky Martin He was in charge of inaugurating the sixty-first edition of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, in Chile, with a great show, euphoria and even kisses.


The Puerto Rican was the first to receive a Silver and Gold Seagull in a concert that, with the exception of some sound failures, was almost perfect. But what really took the night was the kiss that the singer stole from Martin Cárcamo, event driver.

The host Maria Luisa Godoy he asked the Puerto Rican to kiss him on behalf of all the women present and his partner would do the same on behalf of the men.

“I can kiss you here (on the cheek) and Martin on behalf of the men … come on Martin …” Pointing the other cheek. However, to everyone’s surprise, Ricky Martin He took the moment to steal a kiss from the driver and tried to do the same with the cheerleader but she pulled away, which caused applause and laughter from the audience.

“Do not play with fire because they can burn,” said the interpreter.

The singer’s show was seasoned with lots of dancing and dozens of light games, Ricky Martin captivated the public that was present in the Amphitheater of the Quinta Vergara with its themes The bomb, Sugar Bomb and his most recent single Sharks, who first performed live at the last ceremony of the Lo Nuestro Awards dedicating it to Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Chile.

Making a break in your presentation, Ricky Martin He changed costumes and appeared in a tuxedo and with his dancers to sing Livin ’the crazy life and Shake Your Bon-Bon, in addition to reviewing their successes as I miss you, I forget you, I love you, Maybe, Come back and stick. Of course, you couldn’t miss the most danceable hits like The bite and Vente Pa´ca.