Rihanna As God Brought Her Into The World From Her Bed

Rihanna as god brought her into the world from her bed | Instagram

Barbadian singer-songwriter and businesswoman Rihanna delighted millions by posing bare-chested from her bed with her gorgeous and striking red hair for a magazine.

Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the most influential music artists to date in the world.


No one stops her or anything, she is always looking for something else, which has led her to be a completely successful businesswoman.

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One of her brands is Savage x Fenty, which is her lingerie and she herself enjoys being her own model, something she makes very clear on her social networks by sharing quite a few somewhat risque photos.

This time it was not for advertising of any of their brands, but for a magazine in which they participated a while ago, but the image was filtered.

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In this photograph you can see the singer from Barbados lying on the bed face down completely naked showing off her perfect anatomy.

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Something that undoubtedly stands out the most is her beautiful red hair, which she wears loose and long.

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Rihanna then tapped her Caribbean blood, fame, and brand-new curves to grab the front page and center pages of Vanity Fair magazine.

The famous great photographer Annie Leibovitz was in charge of the photo shoot that has undoubtedly been one of the best of the artist so far and being the highest paid lens artist in the world and the last one to photograph John Lennon.

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This photo shoot was held in Old Havana in Cuba, being a perfect location for her.

At that time the singer was with the musician Chris Brown so he gave an interview about it and also talked about his career which was flourishing at the time.



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