Rihanna: "Donald Trump Seems To Be The Biggest Mentally Ill In The United States"

Music The singer from Barbados lashed out hard against the president of the United States

Rihanna: "Donald Trump is the biggest mentally ill in the United States"

Rihanna refused to act in the Super Bowl, the final of the professional football league (NFL), due to the controversy of the organization with the African-American community, as revealed in an interview conducted by Vogue magazine, which dedicates its cover of November.


"I couldn't dare to do that. For what? Who wins with that? Not my people. It just couldn't be a sale. There are things that I don't agree with at all in that organization, and I wasn't going to go and serve them in any way, "explains the singer.

The controversy arose when the player Colin Kaepernick remained kneeling in 2016 while playing the national anthem of the United States in protest of racial injustice and police brutality, which generated division in the country and that the player has not been hired again. In solidarity, numerous artists have refused to act since then in the Super Bowl break and Rihanna turned out to be one of them last year.

It is not the only political issue that Rihanna addresses in the interview. The Barbadian attacks Donald Trump. "The biggest mentally ill in the United States right now seems to be the president," says the singer, who says he can't "uncheck" injustices, especially "any woman, women of any minority, children, black men killed in the street".

On his next album, which does not offer a date and that his fans have called 'R9' for being the ninth of his career, Rihanna describes him as "inspired by reggae", a genre that he carries in his blood: "No matter how I am far from that culture, or the environment in which I grew up, never leaves. "



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