Riots And Clashes Between Opponents Of The Restrictions For The Covid And The Mossos In Barcelona

The center of Barcelona has been the scene of a series of riots and clashes between the participants of a concentration of rejection of the restrictions for the Covid-19 and the Mossos. The protest began at around five in the afternoon and, according to the Guàrdia Urbana, it has gathered about 1,500 people of very diverse signs, from people with businesses affected by the restrictions, to others with an ideology close to the CUP or also deniers.

Throughout the hour they have thrown firecrackers, smoke cans and other objects, but after a while some of the concentrates have begun to throw blunt objects and security fences at the Mossos vans that were guarding the concentration. It was then that the Mossos charged and dissolved the act.


The police have dispersed the protesters and cornered some of them around Carrer Jaume I. Many, however, have fled running towards Via Laietana, and the Mossos have started to chase them with their vans.

Subsequently, and as the Mossos have explained, the concentrates have set up barricades and have continued to throw firecrackers and smoke canisters against the police line. Street furniture has also been burned, mainly containers. A person has been injured by a stone to the head. In Via Laietana they have lit two fires, one that has burned an electric scooter and, later, a container. During the rally, slogans such as ‘freedom’, ‘we want to work’, ‘Government resign’, ‘the united people will never be defeated’, ‘for them’ or ‘left and right are the same shit’ have been shouted. Many of the concentrates were not wearing a mask or were wearing it incorrectly.

The protests in Barcelona come a day after six people were arrested in Bilbao and a dozen injured after the burning of 25 containers after a denial rally. The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has described these events as “terrorism” in an assessment carried out in the Basque Parliament.



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