Robert De Niro: "I Can't Wait To See Donald Trump In Jail" – 10/12/2019

Robert De Niro charged again against Donald Trump. The actor of 'The Irishman' and 'Joker' described the Republican as a "president of gangsters" and declared that "no" can wait to see him in prison, in relation to the current process of disqualification, impeachment, opened against the head of the government American for their pressures on Ukraine.

The multi-award-winning artist attacked Trump at the London Film Festival, where he is promoting the new feature film by Martin Scorsese, in which he plays Frank Sheeran, a mafia killer, who is now presumed to be responsible of the murder of union leader Jimmy Hoffa in 1975, where he has expressed his opinion against the head of the United States government.

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"We have a real and immediate setback, in which we have a gangster president who believes he can do whatever he wants, the drawback is that if he finally gets his way, we will be all those who, in the end, let's have a problem, "De Niro told the British newspaper The Guardian.

The Oscar winner for 'The Godfather. Part II 'and' Wild Bull 'extended his dislike to the Republican party. "The impudence of the people around him, who are really defending him. These Republicans, it is terrible. We must do something about it," he continued.

Donald Trump was subject to Trump's criticism.

The actor did not hesitate to talk about the challenge process against Trump, revealing that he expects the outcome of the political trial to be unfavorable for the Republican leader.

"Oh! I can't wait to see him in jail. I don't want him to die, I want him to be behind bars," said the interpreter, who also wasn't suspicious to talk about Donald Trump's way of acting before the media.

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"It's animosity towards the people who are writing about what we see, which are obviously ways of acting like gang members. When they don't like something, they just say 'fuck, we're going to show them how things are'. You can't do that. , harass us, people who have common sense and see what is happening in our country, in the world. They can't do it. It's a shame! And it's outrageous that [the Republican party] behaves in this way, "he said. .

De Niro went further: "We have a strange and twisted president who believes he is a gangster, when he is not even a good gangster. The gangsters have honor, he gives them his hand and they have your word and you have his word, that's all But with this individual, this is not the case, "the actor continued to comment on The Grahm Norton Show, where he also did not hesitate to charge the US leader.

The crosses between the two are not new. In October 2016 De Niro declared war on Trump through a video in which he destroyed the Republican. Another of the peaks of his conflict took place in the delivery of the 2018 Tony Awards. "I just want to say one thing: fuck Trump," he launched before the cameras.

Trump's response was not long in coming. "Robert De Niro, a very low IQ individual, has received too many blows to the head by real boxers in the movies," he criticized.

"I really think he's stunned," he said. And added. "I guess he doesn't realize that the economy is at its best with employment at a historic peak, and many companies are turning back to our country. Wake up stunned!"

Now, the act redoubled the bet and said he does not want to see him dead, but a prisoner. The republican leader's reply will soon arrive, probably in tweet form.

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