Robert De Niro Is Denounced For Gender Discrimination And Unwanted Physical Contact

In the times of changes that are being lived in Hollywood and the world, nothing is covered under the sun. Now who has been accused of gender discrimination and “unwanted physical contact” is Robert De Niro, the acclaimed actor faces a $ 12 million lawsuit from Graham Chase Robinson, one of his former employees.

According to information from Variety, De Niro has been signaled to generate and foster an abusive work environment for women, in addition to using sexist language that included serious insults. The plaintiff said that while she was her executive assistant, she even said that she was his “office wife.” In the demand sheets it is noted that the behavior of the veteran actor was that of a man clinging to ancient customs in which it predominates that women should not have the same privileges or rights as men:

Robert De Niro is someone who has clung to old customs. He does not accept the idea that men should treat women as equals. He doesn’t care that gender discrimination in the workplace violates the law. Mrs. Robinson is a victim of this attitude.


Robinson was the subject of a lawsuit by Canal Productions, a company of the protagonist of the legendary Taxi Driver, a month and a half ago, a charge of US $ 6 million in which he was accused of embezzlement and watching Netflix while he was at the job. The accusation went viral while making sure that Robinson spent a period of four days in January watching 55 episodes of Friends. This claim by the former worker, comes when De Niro is about to release two films highly anticipated by the public and have been acclaimed by critics: Joker – 91%, which premieres tomorrow in Mexico, and The Irishman – 100%, a gangster epic that is considered a favorite of the Oscar awards, directed by Martin Scorsese. De Niro’s company, Canal Productions, is also in demand.

Robinson says in her complaint that she was paid less compared to the salaries of her male colleagues who held the same position as her, and that, although she was not in her contract as Vice President of the firm, she was told to fulfill “female duties, that is to say housework. ” De Niro allegedly joked with Robinson about his Viagra prescription, asked him to imagine him in the bathroom and suggested that he could get pregnant using sperm from a married co-worker. The woman alleged that in April 2019 she resigned and made her lawyer warn the De Niro team that she was contemplating a lawsuit that would address gender discrimination and wage violations by the histrion.

The plaintiff and her law firm say that to discredit her, De Niro sought to stain Robinson’s honorability before her complaint was made public, and as a form of reprisal and to prove that he has the power and the influences came forward and denounced her


Before Mrs. Robinson could sue, De Niro retaliated. He had Canal Productions sue her in the New York County Supreme Court and made sure the lawsuit was widely publicized.

Robinson says his former employer’s lawsuit is full of lies that falsely accuse her. Since describing her as a lazy girl, a thief and an abusive one. He will also proceed for moral damage because he considers that his reputation and his career have been destroyed. Its defenders emphasize that the emotional damages are serious, and with collateral damage to the family of the accusing party. According to the Daily Mail portal, there are a number of audios that compromise De Niro, recordings that are held by Robinson’s defense.

Robinson began working for Canal Productions as an assistant in 2008, but her good performance earned her to be promoted until she became vice president. So far neither Robert De Niro, or any of his representatives, has responded to the news of the lawsuit.