Robert Saleh On Zach Wilson: “he’s Still Our Quarterback”

Robert Saleh On Zach Wilson: “He’s Still Our Quarterback”

Despite three interceptions in divisional loss to Patriots, Saleh reaffirms his confidence in Wilson

FLORHAM PARK, NJ — The New York Jets aren’t considering a quarterback trade, not this week, not for the rest of the season.

Zach Wilson received a strong vote of confidence Monday from coach Robert Saleh, who stressed he has “full faith” in the second-year quarterback despite three “heartbreaking” interceptions in Sunday’s 22-17 loss to the New York Yankees. England Patriots.


Robert Saleh said he plans to play Zach Wilson while he’s here, barring injuries. “Right. He’s our quarterback.”

Zach Wilson, selected second overall in 2021, has never been benched despite many tough performances in 18 career starts. He is 24th out of 31 rated quarterbacks in Total QBR (41.8). After three straight games without turnovers, he imploded against the Patriots, who ended the Jets’ four-game winning streak.

Roberth Saleh tried to look on the bright side, saying Wilson is one of the reasons the Jets are an amazing 5-3.

“No one had us with five wins at this point going into the season, and Zach is a big part of that,” he said.

Despite three interceptions in divisional loss to Patriots, Saleh reaffirms his confidence in Wilson AP

“It has improved a lot,” Saleh added. “We hope he continues to get better. I hope everything is okay? No, every quarterback has his days, but he’s our quarterback because we think he’s going to get better and he’s going to continue to show why he was the best second pick.”

Zach Wilson has a tendency to make mistakes under pressure, trying to create something out of nothing. All three interceptions came on plays when he was under pressure. He admitted after the game: “Sometimes you sit and wonder, ‘Why did I do that?'”

Recalling a theme from last season, Saleh reaffirmed that Wilson needs to understand that “boring” can be good, which means taking control or throwing the ball wide.

“Just a simple reminder: It’s okay to be bored, and just remember you’ve got a bunch of guys in that locker room who are pretty good too and have your back,” he said.

Robert Saleh understands that Zach Wilson is “pushing,” but he quickly backed off that word.

“I want to make sure I say this right: he is a young man who wants to prove himself,” explained the coach. “To be honest, you can prove yourself just by executing and doing your job to the best of your ability.”

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Wilson has completed just 54.9% of his passes, with three touchdowns and five interceptions. He’s averaging just 210 yards per game, which was buoyed by his career-best 355 yards against the Patriots. In three of the four wins, he was essentially a manager, relying on the running game and defense.

Saleh may have inadvertently sparked potential controversy by raising Mike White to No. 2 before Sunday’s game, demoting Joe Flacco to No. 3. The change is permanent, Saleh confirmed, explaining that “we need to know what we have in Mike”. .”

White will get more practice reps as second, which means a chance to develop his game. He’s also a fan favorite, which means the home crowd could clamor for him if Wilson struggles Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

“Yeah, that’s right, those (interceptions) can’t happen,” tight end CJ Uzomah said. “He knows that, we know that as a team. At the same time, he made good decisions. He had some great balls. He did the right things. We as an offense didn’t protect right, didn’t run the right routes right. Everything always comes back to the quarterback.” field and he has to carry that load, but it’s our job to make sure he knows it’s not a one-man team.



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