Roberto García Orozco Talks About The Arbitration Of The Final Between America And Monterrey

The Águilas del América suffered a painful blow when they lost the grand finale of the 2019 Apertura tournament, where the azulcremas surpassed the Rayados de Monterrey, but various circumstances made us lose the title.

One of those circumstances, was the lousy arbitration of the collegiate César Arturo Ramos, who significantly damaged the Azulcrema team in the return match. Given this situation, an experienced former referee, Roberto García Orozco, commented on the following.

“You cannot hide (that America was harmed), at the time we said what was wrong but today there are many things that arbitrators are silent, sanctions that are not understood. There are also backgrounds in the clubs, which ask for referees not to be present, it is a reality that happens. It was my turn with Marco Antonio Rodríguez, teams didn’t want him and they marked him for it.


Brizio has enough capacity although he has surrounded himself with incompetent people, with people of second or third or the same Ascent that directs the arbitration that is doing nothing, but in the end there are people outside who do not want him at best for having made an Association of Referees ”

– Roberto García Orozco

In this way we realize that it is clear that arbitration was a factor in this great final, since the Azulcremas could win the final quietly if it were not for those mistakes. In the end the excuses do not fit within America, so we are sure that we will recover and we will be champions very soon.