Roberto Palazuelos Confesses Why He Has No Love Affairs With Actresses

The actor confessed that during his marriage to Yadira Garza he was unfaithful and that being in a couple was an experience he did not like.

Roberto Palazuelos He confessed what his biggest fear is. And it is not a common phobia such as the fear of flying or of an animal, but it is terrified of being romantically related to actresses


During an interview with Aurora Valley for the program Confessions, Palazuelos He was blunt in stating that he has “dread” to his colleagues.

During the talk, dawn addressed the sentimental life of PalazuelosShe asked him if he imagined married to an actress and he replied: “I, never, never, always had a dread of actresses”.

The “Black Diamond” shared the reason why he is not interested in interacting with any actress: “I only had a girlfriend actress and it was a media disaster, we even found the pan,” he recalled. “I always said: ‘No, I do not actresses are crazy,” and continued: “I mean, crazy in the sense that you satisfy the ego of an actress.”

“The times of Adela Noriega Chavita Then, I said: ‘Name, not kidding (being an actress’ boyfriend), “he added.” My friends, the children of the presidents, those did bring them all (the actresses). And I, the truth, is never. “

Palazuelos shared that he had a relationship with the actress Gaby Platas: “She is the only actress with whom I have walked in my life and with the only one that I am going to walk”, in addition, she admitted that she was always “very new, but it was also a lot of having my little girlfriend well”.

“Having my girlfriend, girlfriend and my friends, tremendous since I was little! Yes, tremendous, I was a super womanizer, but my girlfriend is always good.”

The 53-year-old actor said that during half of his marriage with Yadira Garza He was very faithful, “and in the courtship too, very much in love with my wife, but then as we changed, we began to fight a lot. I was just faithful when I got married and it lasted a few years, then it was worth it,” he added.

The histrion was married for 13 years, but it was an experience he did not like: “But I already started to portal badly about halfway through, we were already bad. Actually, I never liked marriage. I am not a man of marriage, yes of couple, but not of marriage, I think it is not the same, “he said.