Rodolfo Pizarro From Rayados To Chivas ?, Better To Europe, Says Mohamed

Rodolfo Pizarro has been the desire of the Chiva Brothers since the first day that the Mexican midfielder set foot outside the rojiblanca institution a few seasons ago to reach the team of Rayados de Monterrey where he has gradually established himself until he became one of the essentials of the regiomontano painting and, now, with the arrival of Ricardo Peláez to the Flock, his name has returned to sound with force to return to Chivas.

Pizarro has never hidden the love he managed to have for the rojiblanco team and given the alleged interest of the manager of Chivas, it has begun to speculate that Rodolfo could land in the Flock in the next Clausura 2020, after a strong investment by the chiverío.

Rodolfo Pizarro and Orbelín Pineda, Ricardo Peláez's first wish


Regarding these rumors, the new strategist of La Pandilla, the Argentine Antonio Mohamed said that Pizarro has to succeed in the Rayado team and then think about emigrating to football in Europe.

The coach of Rayados the Turkish Mohamed said that better Rodolfo Pizarro should succeed in Rayados and then go to Europe, he does not see with good eyes that Pizarro returns to Chivas and assured that Monterrey has the best form and that is why they want to become their players .

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October 24, 2019

"It will always happen that way because Monterrey has a high-level workforce, but I think Pizarro has to succeed in Monterrey and then go to Europe," said the Turk.

In the press conference organized after the victory of Rayados in the MX Cup, Mohamed was questioned about whether he was polled to reach the Guadalajara bench and his response was clear and sharp.

“First of all I am in Monterrey that for me is the best club in Mexico and it would be disrespectful to talk about another club. Chivas is a great and seduces any coach, but that is ruled out, I am in the best (club) and I want to enjoy every moment I have in Monterrey, ”said Tony.

Upon his return to La Pandilla de Monterrey, Mohamed said he does not feel that it has been so long since he left Rayados because the adaptation has been perfect on his return, "as if he had never left."