Rodolfo Pizarro Insults In León? And Then Orchestrate His Own ‘mented’

Editorial Half Time

Mexico City / 09.02.2020 15:55:53

Rodolfo Pizarro has monopolized the reflectors in recent weeks before his possible signing to Inter Miami of MLS, but this has not materialized because the payment of the termination clause is still not made, so Rayados summoned him for the Day 5 duel against the Lion at the Nou Camp.


After the goal of Jesús Gallardo in the 35th minute, the only one of Rayados in this match, the supporters of the local team booed, Pizarro, who was substitute, left the bench to go to hug his partner and before returning to sit down, he lifted the arms as if it were an insult to that sector of the gallery.

Minutes later, when he was warming up to enter for change, the fans began to insult him with a song, then the soccer player ironically pretended to orchestrate his own expletives.

It was not until the 65th minute that Pizarro relieved Carlos Rodríguez, but although he had good flashes on the offensive and even tried a shot from Chile, he could not prevent the defeat of his squad.