Rodrigo González Peluchín Is Exposed With Another Man On Instagram After Finishing With Sean Rico | Shows

After Rodrigo González "Peluchín" announced the end of his sentimental status in an interview with María Pía Copello, the former "Válgame Dios" driver decided to travel to Europe to celebrate his 40 years of age.

As could be seen in his Instagram Stories, Rodrigo González celebrated big in the company of friends. In addition, the Latina presenter shared a snapshot with Unai de Mateos, a renowned professional stylist.

YOU CAN SEE Rodrigo González leaves message after finishing with Sean Rico


"Daisy time," Gonzalez wrote as a description of his photograph.

Both looked very happy in the snapshot and were seen with glasses of liquor in hand.

Rodrigo González with his friend. Photo: @rodgonzalezl.

In another Instagram post, the Peruvian personality shared a photograph next to his friend Pablo Menor.

As you can see in the picture, Rodrigo González enjoyed a dinner in the company of his friend.

Rodrigo González on his trip to Europe. Photo: @rodgonzalezl.

Rodrigo González announced the end of their relationship

The controversial driver confirmed his love story with his boyfriend Sean Rico in an interview with María Pía Copello, for his YouTube channel.

This confession came when Rodrigo González showed that Sean Rico would have had doubts about his future together. “I am delivered. I think that, if one chooses a person to walk together, to be life partners, it is for that … You will not be "what if tomorrow?", No. If you chose it, the chicken comes with potatoes, that's the way it is, ”he said.

“I have always been shielded in my life with love and the things that happen to me and continue to happen to me, they are all my own decisions, I have decided this, the other and what I want for my life,” he added.