Roger Martínez Said He Does Not Intend To Leave America

Roger Martínez, player of the Americas, accused of lack of opportunities to play in this Clausura 2020, although he has kept training with Miguel Herrera’s team and even offered apologies to the fans and manager.

In an interview with Fox Sports, the Colombian said that, although there have been many rumors about his future, he does not want to leave the Azulcrema team.

“I have three and a half more years of contract with America. I have been training one hundred as I have always been doing. And well, the situation is that they have not given me the opportunity to play. Many things have been said, that I I want to leave or I’ve always wanted to leave the club, when reality is not like that, ”Roger said.


The attacker has not been used by the Louse, who even said he has no contemplation, and there was talk of the possibility of signing with the MLS and the Morelia, although there has been nothing clear.

“If some people, the fans or the club, misunderstood things, I apologize. Because it is not my intention at all. I’ve always been good at the club, I’ve always felt very good. Who is not going to be well or happy in the biggest club in Mexico? ”

The South American insisted that he does not want to leave the blue-cream box despite the lack of minutes.

“I never said that I want to leave. The truth is that this is not the situation. It is what you said, that if an offer came to be considered, they would listen to it. Obviously, if he served the club and served me, any player would like to go to Europe, that’s more than anything, ”he said.

Although he has expressed his desire to go to Europe, he still thinks about America, because he has a contract.

“Yes I declared that time, recently, that if an offer came from Europe, to be considered, that was the only thing I asked for. Because which player would not like to go to Europe? I think it is not a crime that any player I want to go play in Europe. So, more than anything, I think that is why everything is happening, ”he said.