Roger Martínez’s Ridiculous Request To Sign With MLS

It is a fact that Roger Martínez does not have any type of quota in the Eagles of America and this has been demonstrated during the entire Clausura 2020 tournament, a tournament where despite having many casualties in the lead the Colombian has not been taken in account by the coach of the Eagles due to a direct order from the team’s manager. The only alternative that the coffee grower now has is to go to the Major League Soccer of the United States, a league of which two teams already go They have been interested in the striker but who decided to reject their offers. For anyone it is a secret that Martínez asks for a large amount of money in his salary, however, the Colombian’s request goes beyond asking for a really millionaire salary since the player not only does he ask for that, but to be the highest paid player in the entire US soccer league, which means that the Colombian aspires to be the highest paid soccer player over Carlos Vela, Josef M Artínez and Javier Hernández, something that no MLS team is willing to comply with and everything indicates that the player will not take the opportunity to go out to football in the United States since he is not willing to give up his salary.