Roger Stone Calls Black Radio Host Morris W. O’kelly a “Negro”

President Trump’s pardoned adviser, Roger Stone, called a black radio host a “Negro” during a live interview on Saturday, prompting the furious announcer to tweet later , “I’m not anyone’s negro.”


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At the time, Stone was questioning the merits of his convictions for lying to Congress by Morris O’Kelly, known as Mo’Kelly, the host of a broadcast. at KFI AM 640 in Southern California .

Mo’Kelly argued that Stone’s close friendship with Trump was the reason he was pardoned, and not because the justice system has treated him unfairly as Stone has insisted.

“There are thousands of people treated unfairly on a daily basis. Hell, the numbers appeared in the lottery, “said Mo’Kelly. I suppose it was more than luck, Roger, wasn’t it?

An exasperated stone paused during the debate and seemed to be letting off steam with someone else in the room with him.

Listen to the full show below the racial slurs could be heard around 12 minutes into the interview

“I really don’t feel like arguing with this negro,” Stone could be heard saying.

Sorry, what was that? Mo’Kelly responds.

Roger? Sorry, what did you say?”

Stone was silent for more than 40 seconds before claiming that the phone line was going in and out.

Mo’Kelly asked Stone to repeat what he said, the word “Black,” but Stone denied saying the word, which was nevertheless clearly audible in a recorded version, around 12 minutes into the 30-minute interview.

“I didn’t,” Stone insisted. You’re out of my mind. You’re out of my mind.

Mo’Kelly later blogged about the interview , calling Stone on using the “low-calorie version of N-Word.”

“[Stone] did not see me as a journalist, not as a professional, not as a radio announcer … but a “negro” in the first place,” he wrote.

“Thirty years as an entertainment professional, twenty of them on radio. «Negro» was the first racist word that I’ve heard in my life.



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