Rogers Clemens Still Stands Saying He Didn’t Use Steroids

Former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens continues to stand before the world saying he did not use steroids as they speculate.

Roger Clemens has not entered the hall of fame for the same reason, yet he keeps saying that he does not use steroids and that he did not use them either.

A lawsuit is still underway where Clemens says he has not used steroids and keeps his word for years after retiring.


These were his words:

“I never played with worrying about getting to the hall of fame. If you vote for me, this is great. They are not the ones who really see the details and the facts of how it all happened. I always played in the same correct way. I put all my heart in the game “

If not for those rumors, I’d long ago be in the Hall of Fame, Roger Clemens is a two-time triple crown winner, MVP, 7-time Cy Young, 7-time ERA champion, 11-time all-star, 2 world series and MVP of an all-star game.



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