Rome Will Fine Up To 500 Euros For Those Who Throw Masks On The Street

The City of Rome has approved an ordinance that establishes fines of between 25 and 500 euros for those who throw masks or gloves on public roads to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


“In these months of sanitary coronavirus emergency, our environmental operators have denounced on numerous occasions the collection of used gloves and masks, thrown on the ground by rude people,” said Mayor Virginia Raggi.

In its ordinance, the “prohibition” of abandoning this type of protection objects throughout the municipal territory and the aforementioned fines are established until July 31, unless abandonment constitutes a crime.

In many of the streets of the capital and Italy it is frequent to see these types of personal devices thrown away, something that I feel denounced by environmental organizations.

The mayor points out that masks and gloves should be discarded in the containers. And he maintains that their abandonment in public spaces, especially in this period, “constitutes not only a potential health risk”, because they could be infected, but also damage to the environment.

In Italy, more than 230,000 people have been infected with coronaviruses, especially in the north of the country, and 32,877 have died since the beginning of the crisis, on February 21, according to the latest data from Civil Protection.



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