[Ronda 5] Compilation: All Leaks Of Pokémon Sword And Shield

The first leaks of Pokémon Sword and Shield, the first titles of the eighth generation of Pokémon for Nintendo Switch, have begun to appear on the network. Over the past few hours we have been posting on our Twitter account @CentroLeaks but if for some reason they have been absent, we have created this special post that will list all the leaks of the games as they happen.

We will keep this article updated with new leaks when they appear, so keep checking several times a day.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains images and details of new Pokémon or shapes not yet revealed. At the moment it does not contain details of the story or characters.


Update history:
Round 1 and 2: November 2 at 3:34 PM CST (initial notice).
Round 3: November 2 at 10:45 PM CST (added Inteleon artwork, new Pokémon and Galar forms).

Round 4: November 3 (new Pokémon, Galar forms).
Round 5: November 3 at 4:20 p.m. CST (new Pokémon, Galar forms, Scorbunny evolution).

Initial developments

Starting with Grookey we have the second evolutionary stage called Thwackey and its final evolution called Rillaboom. They are pure plant type.

Like Grookey, we see the second stage of Sobble called Drizzile and finally the artwork and model of its final evolution called Inteleon, of the Pure Water type.

Finally, for Scorbunny we see his second stage called Raboot and the final called Cinderace. Both of type Pure Fire.

New ways Galar

Here we can see Meowth de Galar, type Acero and Farfetch’d de Galar, of which we still have no more information.

According to the description of the Pokédex, in Galar Meowth he used to accompany the pirates a lot, that's why he got his regional Steel type shape.

Round 3:

Galar's Rapidash. Type Psychic / Fairy.

Round 4:

Stunfisk of Galar. Type Earth / Steel.

Round 5:

Corsola de Galar. Ghost type.

New Pokémon

First we have Perrserker, the new evolution of Meowth de Galar.

New Pokémon called Nickit and Thievul. They are sinister type.

New Pokémon cobra called Silicobra and its evolution Sandaconda. Both are Earth type.

New Pokémon called Centiskorch.

New Pokémon of unknown name and its evolution called Hatterene. Both of the Psychic type (it is unknown if they have a secondary type).

New Pokémon called Toxel type Electric / Poison.

Pincurchin Electric Type

Round 3:

New evolutionary line: Clobbopus and Grapploct. (Fight type)

Rolycoly evolutions: Carkol and Coalossal. (Rock / Fire type)

Yamper evolution: Boltund. (Electric type)

Impidimp evolutions: Morgrem and Grimmsnarl. (Sinister / Fairy type)

Wooloo evolution: Dubwool. (Normal type)

Prevolutions of Corviknight: Rookidee and Corvisquire. (Flying type)

Round 4:

New evolutionary line. Blipbug (Bug)> Dottler (Bug / Psychic)> Orbeetle (Bug / Psychic)

Arrokouda> Barreskewda

Snom> Frosmoth. Both type Bug / Ice.

Skwovet> Greedent. Both type Normal.

Round 5:

Evolution of Corsola de Galar called Cursola. Ghost type.

Drednaw prevolution called Chewtle.

Prevolution of Alcremie called Milcery.

New Gigamax forms

Gigamax forms of Machamp, Kingler and Garbodor.

Gigamax form of an unknown Pokémon.

Gigamax form of another unknown Pokémon.

Gigamax form of an unknown Pokémon, possibly the evolution of Rolycoly.

Centiskorch Gigamax form.

Form Gigamax of Lapras.

Hatmax's Gigamax shape.