Ronnie Mauricio: Can He Match A Record 20 Doubles?

Ronnie Mauricio: Can He Match a Record 20 Doubles?

“I’m just a baseball player with ambitions. It’s all about doing everything I can to help my club win. I’ve never played it any other way.” Joe DiMaggio

Tigres del Lise, who has 40 matches in the Tomás Troncoso 2022-23 tournament, has a career developing at the level of ‘Curvita de la Paraguay’, where Petromacolís’ Ronnie Mauricio is tasked with connecting 5 doubles in 10 matches. there is. Equals the Tigers’ doubles record (20) set by Anderson Hernández in the 2008-09 season.

This task is not at all easy. In such a short period of time, it looks as difficult as the Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the hypotenuse of any right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs.


But let’s go to the ball. Hernández batted . 365, second only to Pablo Ozuna with . 390, leading the category.

Mauricio started last night against Aguilas Cibaenhas and won the Most Valuable Player award with a .312 batting average and leading 29 RBIs. Hernández wasn’t he MVP in 2008-09. The award went to Victor Diaz of Aguilas Sibaenhas, who set a national record by hitting 17 home runs.

The record was held by Jesús Rojas Alou (18) before Hernández, son of Doña Inés, achieved the doubles feat. He achieved doubles with Leones del his Escoguido in his 1963–64. Leones del Escogido’s American Cecil Cooper, “Chuchito” Arrow’s 18 “tube-eyes” rivaled them in 1973-74 and Caimanes del Sur’s flannel in 1985-86. Comparable to Mike Brewer. Eastern Sugar’s Tim Tolman.

Anderson Hernández collected a double 20 at Kisqueya Stadium against Matt DeSalvo’s shipment of the Chosen on Sunday, December 21, 2008 in Episode 3. A ball coincidence, the first double he scored on Friday, October 17 at Francisco Micheli in the Toros he was shot in his third inning by Este pitcher Omar Beltre.

Let’s adjust the “peephole” to focus on Ronnie Mauricio and see if he can win five doubles in the next 10 games.

days like today

1973: The Boston Red Sox sign several contracts. The Bostonians buy pitcher Juan Marichal from the San Francisco Giants for $100,000 and trade John Curtis, Lynn McGlosen, and Mike Garman to the St. Louis Cardinals. and get Reggie Cleveland and Diego Segui.

1995: Leones del Escodido beat Lisi 7-6, with Neifi Pérez and Jose Oliva setting the pace in attack.

1996: Moises Alou joins the Marlins from Montreal through free agency.

2005: The Texas Rangers trade 2B Alfonso Soriano to the Nationals, trading 2B Alfonso Soriano for OF-1B Brad Wilkerson, OF Turmer Sledge, and minor league pitcher Armando Galarraga.

2006: Aguilas Cibaenhas defeated Tigres del Licey 8-4 at Cibao Stadium, won by Edwin Encarnacion offense, home run and single, Tony Batista, H4. Jose Lima.

2007: The Pittsburgh Pirates traded veteran relief pitcher Salomon Torres (10th in the team’s pitching standings at the time) to the Milwaukee Brewers for Marino Salas and Kevin Roberts.

2007: Aguilas Chibaenhas’ Derek Lee pitched 8.1 innings at Scarehill, Derek Hancock pitched 2/3, shutting out a 4-hit shutout against the Licey Tigers. His four laps for the Eagles materialized in the sixth episode, two of which were driven by Edwin his Encarnacion.

2015: Boston Red Sox pitcher Wade Miley traded to Seattle along with P. Jonathan Arro for Roenis Elias and Carson Smith.

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