Ronny Mauricio And People Pushed By Licey

Ronny Mauricio And People Pushed By Licey

“Life has no value unless it perishes, because other people can have what they enjoy and love.” Pablo Milanes

The 69th edition of the Tomás Troncoso Cuesta Fall/Winter Baseball Tournament saw Petromacorian’s Ronnie Mauricio lead the league with 25 RBIs after 28 games, ahead of Gigantes del Cibao’s Carlos Peguero by six with 18.

If Mauricio wins the RBI crown, he will be the 13th leading player in the Tigres del Lise tournament. The last Glorioso player to lead the number of runs registered was Yamaiko his Navarro, who scored 32 in the 2017-18 season.


The first members of the RBI-leading Indigo congregation consisted of natives with His Majesty Alonzo Perry in 1952 with 38 RBIs and first Dominican Pedro Gonzalez in 1960-61 with 37 RBIs.

The 12 Licey players towed are:

1952 – Alonzo Perry, 38 years old

1953 – Alonzo Perry, 53 years old. current record.

1960-61 – Pedro Gonzalez, age 37

1969-70- Byron Brown and Leron Lee, age 33

1970-71- Jim Beauchamps, age 51

1971-72 – Kurt Bevacua, 48

1975-76 – Paul Powell, age 31

1976-77- Teodoro Martinez, 29 years old

1982-83 – Cesarine Geronimo, age 41

1985-86 – Bernardo Brito, age 39

1988-89 – Domingo Michel, age 36

1989-90- Bernardo Brito, age 38

1990-91- Bernardo Brito, age 31

2013-14- Yamaiko Navarro, 39 years old

2017-18- Yamaiko Navarro, 32 years old

BONIFACIO Y VALDES: Laci captain Emilio Bonifacio achieved his 26th career triple last Monday, the 21st, leaving Pedro González (25) in Laisse and Alfredo Griffin on the lidom list. (26). In his next triple he equaled Mateo Rojas Alou and Pedro Gonzalez at the ridom and scored his two goals for the Eastern Stars in 1970-71.. The inexhaustible Raul Valdes It marked his 52nd victory in his life alongside Danilo Rivas. 4 from Pedro Borbón (56). Valdes tallied his 615 strikeouts, ahead of Guayuvin Olivo (742) and Chichiolivo (669) for third.

days like today

In 1956, Felipe Aru hit the first 2-3 double in Dominican baseball in Escogido’s 14-0 victory over Raici.

In 1976 Licey’s Pedro Borbón scored a win against Escogido on a 12×2 scoreboard, and in the second episode he reached 800 lifetime entries, entering a club of which Guayubín and Chichi Olivo and Silvano Quezada are members. rice field.

In 1984, Rafael Landestoy of the Tigres del Lisi hit his 500th hit against Azcaleros pitcher Lee Getterman.

In 1985, Aguilas’ Miguel Dillone received the base, stole the second, and scored on a Luis Polonia hit, making his career scoring 400.

In 2005, the Eagles whitewashed the Azcaleros 11-0, backed by the bat of Ryan Mugen, who went 2-for-5 (a triple and a home run) with five RBIs.

In 2007, Los Tigres del Lisi defeated Aguilas Sibaenhas 11-4 at Quisqueya Stadium, having a five-round rally in the first episode, with Anderson Hernández hitting two RBIs with the bases loaded. Jose Lima scored 6 earned runs in his 2.0 innings.

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