Rosalía Revolutionizes Twitter With The ‘Juro Que’ Video Clip

‘I swear that’ is Rosalía’s last song, a song released on Thursday, January 23. After a mysterious Instagram post with Omar Ayuso, actor of the Netflix series ‘Elite ’(2018-), the most international Spanish singer has finally solved the mystery by also releasing a video clip starring said performer. Rosalia in the ‘I swear’ video clip. (Photo: SME) MásLa catalana returns to the purest flamenco with this song in which she addresses her love prisoner, embodied by Ayuso, and swears that she will wait for him to leave prison. The video, directed by Tanu Muiño, bets on a colorful pop aesthetic in the purest style of Pedro Almodóvar’s films and in it the protagonists have a jail encounter through a glass. Given the impact of the artist internationally, the video includes English subtitles. ‘I swear that’ is less than 24 hours old and is already a success. The video already has more than four million views on YouTube, a platform in which it has reached the number one position in Trends in Spain. The winner of five Latin Grammy Awards had her fans in suspense since she launched her last work in November, titled ‘A Palé’. The wait is finally over and his followers are excited about ‘I swear’, as reflected in his reactions on Twitter. I loved the video and the song. What a wonderful voice you have! 👏👍☺️💕🎶 #JuroQue #rosalia– Elizabeth Garcia (@ elizagr1990) January 23, 2020 It is an absolute wonder, you can not have more art, without words.— Miguel Galván 🦂 (@miguel_galvan_) January 23, 2020 Incredible really, the creeps, never disappoint ♥ ️— carmen 🦂 (@badgalknowless) January 23, 2020 Internet users have celebrated Rosalia’s talent but her partner has also taken part of the recognition. And there have been many users of the social network who have praised the work of Omar Ayuso, in addition to highlighting that it looks very similar to C. Tangana, ex-girlfriend of the singer. Omar and Rosalia are very top, also in Elite I had never noticed him but in Juro He looks very handsome .. sexy thing 🔥🙈— Love4MA (@ Sidiani21) January 23, 2020 Omar Ayuso comes out so cute in “I swear” by ROSALÍA that waow, if ROSALÍA ends up dating me, I tear my hair away— H E R M E S (@rios_shalim) January 23, 2020 buf I think so beast “I swear”, the lyrics and the feeling of the video clip, Omar did great, it seems very brutal everything, the best Rosalía has taken— Lola (@lolatihan) January 24, 2020

rosalía’s new music video … woooooowalso how handsome omar ayuso comes out – mia aka fucking goddess (@ANGELakaMIA) January 24, 2020 Read more Ok I have seen the picture of Rosalia and I thought it was C tangana instead of Omar Ayuso— Doolittle (@candeluvi) January 21, 2020 The 26-year-old diva is living a great professional moment. The launch of ‘I swear’ is adding his next performance in the 62nd edition of the 2020 Grammy Awards, which will take place on Sunday, January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. A ceremony in which artists like BTS, Billy Ray Cyrus or Lil Nas X will also sing. The star is sweeping around the world and has recently collaborated with some great international artists. In December 2019, he released a remix of ‘Highest in the Room’ with Travis Scott and that same month surprised the world as the narrator of the trailer for ‘Adore You’, the latest Harry Styles theme. Full letter of ‘I swear’ that my child has already been imprisoned for more than four hundred days I had him hugged in bed when the police arrivedNot a kiss I could say goodbye and that burns me I swear be inside I will wait for you The time you are inside I will wait for you I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear The time you are inside I will wait for you The time you are inside I will wait for you And in a letter I tell you The first day of permission you are going to spend with me Gucci bag, diamonds and ivory Gucci bag, diamonds and ivory That I try everything I want to try to get you out of there That I do everything I try to get you out of there If you do not leave your entrance I What if you do not go out You came in. I robbed a bank tonight And they took me to prison. They took me to prison. So they took me to prison. I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear. If you are inside I will wait for you I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear The time you are inside I will wait for you The time you are inside I will wait for you More stories that may interest you: