Rose Mcgowan Withdraws Her Criticism Of Natalie Portman Without Apologizing

Rose McGowan Withdraws Her Criticism Of Natalie Portman Without Apologizing

Almost a week ago we echoed Rose McGowan’s furious attack on Natalie Portman after the latter wore a layer of God on the red carpet of the Oscar with the names of the filmmakers who had not been nominated in the lapel. Recall that McGowan, actress and militant of #MeToo, described as “fraudulent” and “offensive” Portman’s claim, questioning the involvement of the 38-year-old actress in the cause for equality in view of her little experience working with directors “What happens to the actresses of your spider? You, the front row stars, could change the world if you assumed a position instead of being part of the problem. Yes, you, Natalie. You are the problem. Talk about nozzle is the problem. False support for women is the problem, ”McGowan wrote. Well, after that rifirrafe – in which a Portman diplomat came to answer by granting McGowan part of the reason and denying the appellation of“ brave ”-, it is now the attacker who has shown her regret for the extensive rant she wrote on Facebook against her professional partner. Of course, this time he did it on Twitter: My critique should’ve been about Hollywood’s ongoing culture of silence. I realize that by critiquing someone personally, I lost sight of the bigger picture. All voices, however spoken, are valid. Let’s all keep pushing boundaries in whatever way we can, it’s time to get loud.— rose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) February 17, 2020

“My criticism should have been to the current culture of Hollywood silence. I realize that personally criticizing someone, I lose sight of the big picture, “writes the 46-year-old actress.” All voices are raised as they are raised, they are valid. Let us all continue to force the barriers in any way that is possible for us, it is time to make noise. ”The most insightful will have realized that, while McGowan admits his mistake and intends to resolve the controversy, he never addresses his apologies to Portman Moreover, he does not even mention it! And although we do not expect the matter to give more of itself for either of the two parties, it would not hurt if things ended, if not with a fraternal hug, at least with an affectionate message . At the end of the day, Portman had the detail of describing “brave” precisely those first women who dared to publicly denounce Harvey Weinstein – among which McGowan stands out. How far will he give himself this quarrel among fellow professionals? Stories that may interest you: