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Routine Of 6 High Intensity Exercises With The Tabata Method

We have been in compulsory preventive isolation for 9 weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to lead to a new extension. That is why it is important that you continue moving at home to avoid sedentary lifestyle, which is associated with various health problems.

To continue with the training proposal during this quarantine, the pair made up of the instructor Gabriela Losino and the teacher Bárbara Cabrera propose a high intensity interval (HIIT, High Interval Intensity Training).

It is a short session, which usually lasts up to 30 minutes, and combines aerobic (cardiovascular exercises) and anaerobic work rhythms such as power, resistance, resistance and explosive power exercises.

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Among many of the benefits of HIIT, it can be highlighted that it is very effective both for losing weight and achieving a caloric deficit, and for improving our physical condition. The work structure is through the Tabata protocol, for short working times at the maximum intensity that you can execute with slightly longer rest intervals.

The circuit we share today is to do three laps of these six exercises during a time of 40 seconds of work for 20 seconds of pause.

• From a kneeling position I take the urge to squat + jump

• Crab Abdominal

• 1/2 burpee + alternate lunge + jump squat

• Iron alternating touches of shoulder + touch of knee + touch of crossed ankle

• 12 Mountain Climbers (6 with w / leg) + flex

• Sit Ups.

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