Rudy Hernández: First Dominican Mlb Pitcher

Rudy Hernández: First Dominican MLB Pitcher

“Old age is everywhere. We see it for the first time where no one can imagine it.”Alberto Cortez”

Rubén Sánchez of WinterBallData informed us that Ruddy Hernández passed away on November 23rd at the age of 90 years and 345 days.

I met “Bello Rudi” when I worked in Puerto Rico at Noel Estrada’s “Old San Juan” hotel, as Rafael Rubi called it “El Dinamico”.


Rudolph Albert Hernández Fuentes was an outstanding athlete who excelled in basketball, especially baseball, where he began as an outfielder and later became a pitcher.

He was born on Thursday, December 10, 1931, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Grabito. His parents: Rubén Nestor Hernández Polanco from Dominican Republic and Seraphina Fuentes from Puerto Rican.

After spending his childhood in his hometown, his parents took him to America, where he studied and played various sports. He was at Seton Hall his college, progressed rapidly in basketball and baseball, and had plenty of conditions to distinguish himself in both fields. In basketball, he averaged 15 points per game and consolidated the school’s main team. In baseball he has a batting average of over .300.

Rudy Hernandez was the first Dominican pitcher to join the major leagues with the Washington Senators on July 3, 1960, against the Cleveland Indians. He is 38 years and 206 days old.

In his debut, he went up to Scare Hill in the first of Sunday’s doubleheader in front of 12,545 fans at Griffith Stadium in Washington. Senator leader Cookie LaBudget called Hernandez to begin Chapter 6, replacing starter Bill Fisher. The first hitter he faced was outfielder Chuck Tanner, who dominated him 4–3.

His time in the majors in 1960 and 1961 was with the Washington Senators in 28 games as a reliever, a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, 4.12.

Hernández made his debut in the Dominican League with El Escodido in the 1956-57 campaign.

His second presentation took place at the “Leonidas Radhamés” tournament held from October 24, 1957 to February 4, 1958, where the Lions continued to make history and were declared champions for the third year in a row. rice field. His record in the regular series is 5 wins and 1 loss, with an ERA of 0.77, the highest in this tournament. He pitched in 46.1 innings, allowing only four earned runs. As Scarlett defeated the Stars in the Final Series, he became the Most Valuable Pitcher with 2 wins and 1 save in 3 outings.

In the 1958-59 season he went to Aguilas Sibaenhas, where he played until the end of his career.

On 4 January 1959, Aguilas Sibaenhas won 1–0 against Tigres del Lise in the tenth innings at Cibao stadium. Rudy Hernández became the first Dominican pitcher to complete a shutout at Cibao Stadium, allowing three hits in 10 acts.

days like today

In 1965, the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired outfielder Matteo Rojas Alou from the San Francisco Giants and acquired infielder Osvaldo Virgil and pitcher Joe Gibbon. has improved to an NL-leading .342 batting average this season, marking his fourth straight season above .300.

In 1981, in a game between Estrelas and Lacie, with the bases loaded with one out in the bottom of the third, Teodoro Martinez hit a right-turning triple off Dan Fisher in the 20th day of his career, becoming the 11th hitter on the ridom. reach that number.

In 1985, Kaimane manager Raphael Landestoi reached 2,000 at-bats in a game in which Kaimane defeated Laci, 2–1.

In 1998, Armando Benitez was traded from the Orioles to the Mets in exchange for catcher Charles Johnson.

In 2001, he set a Dominican baseball record by hitting seven home runs at Cibao Stadium. Aguilas Cibaenhas rookie third baseman José Santos led the home run party, hitting two runs and a six-run lead to lead the yellow team to a 12–11 victory over Toros del Este.

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