Russia And The USA Collide At The UN Over The Failed Armed Operation Against Maduro

Russia and the United States crossed harsh accusations this Wednesday at the UN about the failed armed operation to remove the Venezuelan leader, Nicolás Maduro, from power, with Moscow denouncing alleged US involvement and Washington assuring that the entire incident is an attempt by the Chavista government for diverting attention.


Gathered by videoconference at the Russian request, the United Nations Security Council addressed for the first time the so-called “Operation Gideon”, aborted on May 3 and 4 by the Venezuelan authorities and which left eight dead and almost fifty detainees .

Russia, which is the main support of the Maduro Government in the Security Council, defended that these attacks supposed a violation of Venezuelan sovereignty by foreign agents and proposed a statement of condemnation to the rest of the members.

For the United States, meanwhile, this “alleged coup” is an attempt by Chavismo to “distract and confuse” to cover up its “extrajudicial killings” and its management of the country.


Moscow Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy recalled that there are two American citizens among the detainees and stressed that it is very hard to believe that Washington was not aware of the operation.

“Unfortunately, the United States has a history of treating Latin America as its backyard,” Polyanskiy said, noting that Venezuela is now “on the menu” of the US government and that the Donald Trump Administration is not even concerned with disguising it.

In this sense, he denounced that the maritime operation against drug trafficking launched by the United States. in the Caribbean a “military operation” is a reality and he attacked the decision to offer a reward for the capture of Maduro, accused by the US Justice of drug trafficking.

“Today we want to ask: What is the true purpose of the US Navy parade in the Caribbean? Are there more mercenaries on the ground in Venezuela? Who is responsible for the attacks on critical infrastructure, including power grids?” Said Polyanskiy. .

The Russian representative also drew attention to the links between the operation and the team of opposition leader Juan Guaidó and considered that this disqualifies him as a political interlocutor when negotiating with the authorities.


In her reply, immediately afterwards, the US ambassador Before the UN, Kelly Craft reiterated that his government “was not involved” in the operation and that he “categorically rejects” any accusation in this regard.

“In fact, the only nations that appear to be violating Venezuelan sovereignty are Russia and Cuba, which without the approval of the National Assembly send military officers and mercenaries to the country,” said Craft.

The diplomat said that the US It is investigating the “alleged operation” and that, although it cannot publicize everything it has gathered, it is “obvious” that the plot had been discovered and “fully penetrated by the regime” well in advance.

The Colombian ambassador, Guillermo Fernández de Soto, also spoke at the meeting, assuring that his country has also not carried out any type of covert action and rejected the Venezuelan accusations, stressing that at no time has it violated international law and that the “restoration “of democracy in the neighboring country is a” moral imperative “for the entire global community.


The Venezuelan representative, Samuel Moncada, denounced an “aggression” against his country, accused the United States. and Colombia to be behind the attacks and now protect those responsible for the plot, while saying that the investigations continue and there is evidence that other actions are being prepared.

In addition, he accused Trump of committing “crimes against humanity” for his sanctions against Venezuela, which impact on the civilian population, and of behaving like a “gangster” for his threats to use force against the Maduro government.

“The Government of the United States and its allies are creating a lawless space in international relations in which they can disregard their obligations under international law and impose tyrannical, whimsical and colonial practices on the rest of the world,” denounced Moncada.


The head of UN Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, was in charge of opening the meeting and tiptoed about “Operation Gideon”, insisting above all on the organization’s position that only a political negotiation between the different Venezuelan parties will allow to overcome the crisis.



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