Russia Denounces In The UN The “provocations” Of The United States To Venezuela

Russia denounced this Wednesday to the UN Security Council the latest actions of the United States regarding Venezuela, which it considers “provocations” and “threats” that contravene United Nations regulations.


The Russian delegation requested to address the issue under the miscellaneous item included in a closed-door meeting that was held by videoconference, as has been the norm in the Security Council since the coronavirus crisis landed in New York.

“The actions against Venezuela taken by the United States authorities in March and April show that they have not abandoned their plans to destabilize and overthrow their legitimate authorities,” the Russian deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, defended at the meeting, according to reports. then his mission.

The diplomat said that Moscow “condemns” the US movements, which in his opinion contravene the United Nations Charter, and stressed that Washington’s accusations against the Nicolás Maduro government “are without foundation.”

In recent weeks, the US filed against Maduro and several Venezuelan high officials a criminal accusation for narcoterrorism and announced the deployment of military ships and soldiers on Venezuelan coasts to control drug trafficking.

The Venezuelan government addressed the Security Council by letter this month to denounce that latest movement and lashed out at US President Donald Trump for taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis to “impose his geopolitical ambitions”, damaging the country’s population and imposing a “naval blockade” of the country.

The US ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, reacted Wednesday to Russian and Venezuelan criticism after the Security Council meeting and said that the US It is “the largest donor of humanitarian assistance for this crisis.”

“In the midst of this global pandemic, we are fully committed to ensuring that humanitarian aid, food and medicine reach Venezuelans suffering from Maduro’s mismanagement and corruption,” he stressed via Twitter.

Craft defended that “the Maduro regime is corrupt, criminal and illegitimate” and that it has created a great economic and human rights crisis that affects above all the most vulnerable population in the country.

“The United States is committed to blocking drug terrorists and traffickers to improve security in the region,” said the ambassador, who argued that Washington has also proposed a transition framework that offers a diplomatic way out of the crisis in Venezuela.

According to diplomatic sources, the Security Council is expected to return to address the situation in the Latin American country next Tuesday, in this case focusing on humanitarian problems.



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