Russian Cybercriminals Demand $ 70 Million To Restore Kidnapped Information | WABNEWS

Hackers suspected of being behind a massive ransomware attack against an American tech company have requested $ 70 million in cryptocurrency in exchange for unlocking all affected systems. The lawsuit appeared Sunday on an obscure website used by the Russia-linked REvil gang. Friday’s cyberattack affected the systems of hundreds of companies and public bodies around the world. It was a violation of the Miami-based software company Kaseya, which called the attack “sophisticated.” Biden: Cyberattack Stopping US Pipeline Is “Criminal Act” Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline shut down operations on Friday after hackers broke into some of its networks, according to US officials. Kaseya said in a statement that it had a detection tool available for customers to see if their systems were hacked and that it expected to start bringing its data centers back online this Monday. The FBI noted that REvil was responsible for a ransomware attack in late May that shut down the operations of JBS, the world’s largest meat-processing company. US President Joe Biden on Saturday referred to his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in June, suggesting that the United States would hold Russia responsible if it was linked to the attack. “If so, either with the knowledge and / or a consequence of Russia, then I told Putin that we will respond,” Biden told reporters. * This report includes information from the Associated Press and Reuters.