Sahrawis And Support Groups Demonstrate Against Colonialism

Sahrawis and support groups demonstrate against colonialism

Sahrawis and representatives of groups of the movement in solidarity with Western Sahara have demonstrated this Saturday in the center of Madrid under the slogan ‘No to the tripartite agreements of Madrid’ and in favor of “human rights and the end of colonialism.”

The protesters demanded that the coalition government between PSOE and United We Can “act forcefully and pay off the historical debt that Spain has with the Saharawi people.” On the banners they carried at the head of the march, which passed through Gran Vía to Puerta del Sol, it could be read ‘Stop human rights violations. Occidental Sahara’. At the end of the tour, spokesmen for Saharawi groups asked the Executive to “assume the historical, legal, moral and legitimate responsibility with the Saharawi people.”


“Our people are at war, our people are being mistreated and we come to say enough of silence, of complicity, to demand that the Government comply with the Saharawi people and begin the decolonization of the Sahara,” a spokesman explained to the protesters.

Likewise, they have recalled the unity of the Saharawi movement with demonstrations in other cities of the world, such as Berlin and Mexico: “We don’t have to talk much to explain that we want the freedom of the Saharawi people without further excuses and it is the first time that the solidarity movement has unites to carry out an activity of these characteristics together with entities that are not of the nature of the Saharui people “. Among the attendees were also leaders of the PCE, Izquierda Unida and unions such as Comisiones Obreras.



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