Salma Hayek ‘casts a Spell’ On Donald Trump

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 Salma Hayek casts a spell on Donald Trump (Instagram).

Salma Hayek joined the Halloween celebrations and on her Instagram account she shared a photograph where she appears characterized as a witch, sitting on a pumpkin and accompanied her with a message in which she criticizes the construction of a border wall.

In the social network, the actress published the image where she wears a black strapless dress and it seems as if she is about to cast a spell with her right hand.


“This Halloween I want to put a spell of empathy instead of hate. This includes any pumpkin head that wants to build a wall, ”he wrote.

Hayek's publication caused controversy among his followers, because while some supported the idea of ​​the actress, others criticized him to focus on controversial aspects of the administration of the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

“It's not good, Salma, it's our president. We may not like it and it won't last forever, but we must have a little respect. I love and adore you, but we also have to look at the positive aspects, not just the negative ones, ”wrote one of his followers.

Salma Hayek responded to the Instagram user and said that regardless of the political positions on the border wall between the United States and Mexico, they must "put a spell of empathy to overcome hate."

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