Salma Hayek Filled a Man With Compliments And Condemned Another In Berlin

The actress talked about what she feels for Javier Bardem and expressed her opinion about the condemnation of producer Harvey Weinstein.

Salma Hayek I come back to the Berlinale to present the film The Roads not Taken. The Mexican caused a furor with her look Bohemian chic with a dress designed by himself Alexander McQueen: long black, of hello and transparencies, which complemented with XL earrings, multilayer necklaces, 3D rings, manicure nude from Essie and platform sandals.


Beyond its success in styling, Salma he grabbed the attention of the press with his comments so opposed to two men, while at Javier Bardem He filled it with compliments, to the producer Harvey weinstein He condemned him once more for his terrible acts; that even affected her, as she accepted in a letter published in The New York Times two years ago.

Salma shared credits with Javier in the movie they presented in the Filmfestspiele Berlin, so he could prove his worth as an actor; the Spanish faced one of the greatest challenges of his career in embodying Leo

, an insane Mexican writer, under the orders of the director Sally potter.

Assured the wife of François-Henri Pinault of the Iberian actor, who also remembered that every morning he arrived at set saying: “Long live Mexico. Cabrones!”, which caused the laughter of the journalists present at the conference. At the same place, Hayek he also had time to refer to the sentence he received Harvey weinstein.

Said Salma about Weinstein, who harassed her in 2002. On another subject, the Veracruz talked about her return to the Berlinale: “I came with my first movie, The alley of miracles, and it has been a miracle to get here. Today I come back with The Roads Not Taken, I don’t know what paths have brought me here, but what are the ones that I haven’t taken. “