Salvador Cienfuegos. Detention Could Benefit Donald Trump

The arrest of the former Secretary of National Defense, General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, could work for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to stoke the North American conservative groups and to be reelected for another four years.

According to the analysis How to interpret the arrest of General Salvador Cienfuegos ?, prepared by Intelligence and Security consultants, it is indicated that the accusation against the former federal official is a “political victory” for the Republican candidate to strengthen his electoral base.

“President Trump is urged political victories to secure an electoral base with a view to renewing his presidential term in 2020 and he knows that a formula that works for him to stoke conservative groups that want to see a president with a heavy hand is to hit Mexico through the speech or through intelligence operations of some of its instances in charge of it, “he details.


It indicates that the accusation of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency, for its acronym in English), for the three counts of drug trafficking and one of money laundering, could have two effects.

The first “colonize” Mexican security institutions, in order to allow the intervention of United States agencies in national security decisions and operations.

And the second, to create a perception of the power and influence of the drug cartels with “criminalized states”, “criminal insurgency”, “alliances between terrorist groups and criminal groups in Mexico”, “narco-terrorism”, “the cartel of the armed forces ”, among others.

Intelligence and Security Consultants explain that the arrest of a person like General Cienfuegos, who has been in charge of a government secretariat, and if the fact is verified, does not make that institution an accomplice of its owner.

In this propaganda scenario, he affirms that the ideal would be for the Mexican State to have to defend the Mexican position even with diplomatic arguments.

He assures that if the charges against General Cienfuegos are proven, the institution must be defended, since it has highly qualified and reliable personnel.

It infers that another objective could be to destabilize one of the most important State institutions, which should set off an “alert”, especially within the other security entities that could be targeted by international governments to be influenced or colonized by all possible methods.




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