Salvini Can Face a Trial For Retaining Ship With Migrants

Rome, Dec. 20 (EFE) .- The League leader and former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini can face a trial for preventing the landing of 131 migrants aboard a coast guard ship for five days, if In January, the Senate Immunity Board authorizes it to be prosecuted.

As explained by the president of the Board, Maurizio Gasparri, on the case of the retention of the frigate of the Coast Guard Gregoretti could already have an answer on January 20.

Gasparri established the schedule of the sessions and explained that Salvini could be heard in one of these.


The leader of the League already faced this situation earlier this year when the Court of Ministers of Catania began an investigation for kidnapping of persons, abuse of power and illegal detention, after banning for ten days that they could land in a Italian port 138 migrants rescued by the ship 'Diciotti' of the country's Coast Guard.

On that occasion, both the Immunity Board and most of the Italian senators voted in March against authorizing that the then Minister of the Interior could be tried.

However, the current situation has changed since Salvini is not in the Government and his previous partners of the 5 Star Movement (M5S) have declared that on this occasion they will vote in favor of authorization, and so will the Democratic Party (PD)

The Board of immunity of the Senate will examine in January the request to proceed with the imputation of Salvini made by the Court of Ministers of Catania for 'blocking the ship carrying 131 migrants' and specifically' an Italian Coast Guard ship and therefore a military ship '.

The Court of Ministers of Catania explains that the rules contained in the Security Decree approved by the Government of Salvini that imposed the blocking of rescued migrant ships could not be applied to military ships.

"If the case of the Gregoretti boat took me to a process, a million Italians will be with me in that court," Salvini said in an interview published today in the newspaper 'Corriere della Sera'

Salvini considers that 'the situation is absurd' and that, although his lawyers recommend him not to go to trial, it would seem 'curious' to sit on the bench.

'I run the risk of going to a process with jail sentences for having protected the country's borders. I am serene and serenity is also given to me by the affection of the people I meet every day who urge me to move on, 'Salvini wrote on his Twitter profile.

The former minister said that keeping Gregoretti at sea with the migrants on board was 'a collegial decision of the Government', but in a recent note the Executive said that this case was never on the agenda of a Council of Ministers.

In addition to this case, the Palermo Court of Ministers is also dealing with the 20 days that the Spanish NGO Open Arms ship waited at sea with 147 migrants until it was authorized to disembark in Italy on August 14. EFE