Samo And Several Celebrities Pool Their Talents To Help With ‘We’re Still Standing “

In an interview with Who, the former member of Camila shared what this altruistic project is about and told how she lives this quarantine.

Samo took the call from Who to share with the public the launch of two very special projects, designed to help Mexicans face the emotional and economic crises that preventive confinement leaves behind the pandemic of COVID-19. The former member of Camila presented the songs: We are still standing and its simple Everything will be fine.


The first is a collaboration with Alexander Acha and more than 40 personalities from the world of music, such as OV7, Pandora, Flans, JNS, Sweet Maria, Paty Cantú, Maria Jose, Alex Lora; of the journalist with Martha debayle, Andrea Legarreta, Adela Micha, Joaquín López-Dóriga and Javier Pozaas well as the actors Valentino Lanús

, Ana Serradilla and Eduardo Verástegui, among others.

Shared Samo via telephone and added that also with the spirit of helping those who need to have a balm for their emotions and thus overcome anxiety or fear crises, today presented his single Everything will be fine for the one who shared talent with the singer-songwriter Chris Syler.

“It is a song that carries a message of hope to many people who do not have it, because of the confinement or because they do not know what is going to happen. It is important to communicate good things to the public and fill them with an energy that we must have all the time, so that fear does not envelop us, I sing it with Chris and I’m happy with the result, “he said Samo.

For the former member of Camila It is important to create these contents, since he himself has suffered from anxiety attacks in this quarantine: “I am learning to be alone, it has cost me a lot, I am in the process because I was always accompanied, it is not easy, I understand people.

“I feel anxious to be at home walking around the same place, but now I value the moment with myself, I am writing songs, I take the confinement so that creativity explodes. It is not only keeping at home or disinfecting the hands, but the soul to be the best version of ourselves, “he added Samo.