San Pedro Sula Outperforms All Cortés In Cases Of Pneumonia

San Pedro Sula.

Doctors recommend that at the first flu symptom that children present be taken to health facilities to prevent them from becoming complicated and become pneumonia, respiratory disease that has been increasing in recent weeks.
Diógenes Chávez, deputy director of the Health Region of Cortés, reported that up to the epidemiological week number 42, 1,407 cases of pneumonia are reported, 154 patients more than in the same period last year.

While the San Pedro Sula Health authorities indicate that there are 2,060 affected by pneumonia; being Mario Rivas and Social Security hospitals where they are most affected in the search for medical services.


“We recommend that even if you have a simple flu, you have to take the child to the health unit because if they are carried late and are not treated in a timely manner, these flu become more serious problems such as pneumonia that compromises the child's health ”, Said the doctor.

He explained that the municipalities of the Departmental Region that report more cases of pneumonia are: Choloma with 252; Puerto Cortés with the same amount and Santa Cruz de Yojoa, where there are 241 patients.

Pneumonia begins with a common flu, causes cough, fever, respiratory distress; In some cases it is viral and others bacterial.

Chavez said that to prevent complications it is recommended to be immunized against influenza, a vaccine that is available at all health centers in the department.

The vaccine should be given to children up to five years, pregnant women, older adults and people who have a chronic underlying disease.

Luis Romero, a pediatric infectologist at Mario Rivas hospital, said that the younger the child, the greater the complications from pneumonia.

Respiratory conditions in recent weeks have increased and according to what the infectologist says due to climate change.

"Climate change has come to modify and increase the circulation of viruses and that is why emergency rooms arrive at this time due to respiratory infections," he said.