Sánchez Promises To Businessmen That Spain Will Soon Return To Stability

Rafael Cañas

Madrid, Jan 20 (EFE) .- The president of the acting Spanish Government, the socialist Pedro Sanchez, was confident on Wednesday that the political blockade suffered by the country will end in the 'coming weeks' to end four years of instability.

'Spain needs stability and needs it as soon as possible,' said the Spanish socialist leader in an intervention before the European Congress of Family Businesses, in which he hoped to open a more stable 'new stage' after the country has held four general elections in four years


The Socialist Party (PSOE) of Sanchez last week reached an agreement with the leftist formation United Podemos (UP) to form a coalition government after the elections of November 10, which were held seven months after other elections that also did not give as result a stable majority.

Sanchez said that with that agreement the 'decisive step' had already been taken for the end of the political instability that has lasted during these four years and that forced the April elections to be repeated.


But that agreement between PSOE and UP needs to gather parliamentary support to achieve a sufficient majority in Congress and for now mathematics is not working.

Therefore, both formations are maintaining a discrete work in the last week to elaborate the details of their joint government program, while discussing with other parties their possible support or abstention to the investiture of Sanchez.

Given the rejection of the right and ultra-right parties (Citizens, Popular Party and Vox) to the leftist coalition, the key for now remains in the Catalan independence formation ERC, republican and leftist.

ERC announced today that next Monday it will consult its bases on whether it could abstain in a future investiture vote on Sanchez, although the text of the question almost invites its members to vote against.

On the other hand, the de facto leader of the liberal Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, insisted today that his training remains in the 'no' to Sanchez with the argument that the priority of the socialist leader is to obtain the support or abstention of ERC.

The PSOE currently manages a time frame by which the investiture could take place in the week of December 16-20, so that Pedro Sánchez could appoint a new Government before the end of the year.


In his speech before the European Family Business Congress, Sánchez stressed today that the government he is shaping will have a 'very high social priority', but will act 'within the financial margins'.

The socialist leader also promised that the economic policy of the future Executive will maintain its commitment to fiscal discipline and budgetary stability, as demanded by the European Union.

"Responsible management of the economy is not incompatible with improving social and territorial cohesion," he insisted.

Pedro Sánchez thus responded to the warnings that came from the European Commission, which from Brussels insisted today to the Spanish Executive to present an updated budget for 2020 before the risk of deviating from the deficit and debt reduction targets for that year.

Debt reduction should be the 'priority' of the most indebted eurozone states, including Spain, European Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis said in Brussels.

In addition to trying to give assurances to Brussels, Sánchez strove to maintain the social vocation he wants to give the Government, defending European employers 'reasonable increases in wages for workers, always without undermining the levels of competitiveness of the economy'.

These types of measures are 'far from ballasting economic growth', but what it does is' strengthen it ', reiterated the socialist leader, who also defended the improvement of workers' working conditions. EFE

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