Sanders Arrives At The New Hampshire Primary As a Favorite And Closes The Campaign With a Mass Bath

Left-wing senator Bernie Sanders held a massive rally on Monday during the closing of the primary election campaign in the state of New Hampshire, where he leads the polls. Sanders summoned more than 6,000 people in Durham for a tasteful event of choice General who was supported by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, actress Cynthia Nixon – who in 2018 presented herself to the Democratic primary for governor of New York – and activist Cornel West, and that ended with a concert by the rock group The Strokes: The Sanders rally tripled in number of people to any other act of a Democratic candidate during the campaign in New Hampshire, although it fell short compared to that of Trump, who held another rally in the state with more than 10,000 followers. Although the Republican Party also holds primary elections in New Hampshire, Trump does not have a real rival that can beat him. Sanders leads the polls Parallel to Trump’s rally in Manchester, 50 miles east, in the university city of Durham, Sanders filled his flag in a demonstration of strength on the eve of the election. Sanders, in fact, did not bother to mention the rest of the Democratic and Republican rivals and set Trump his only objective. Ocasio-Cortez was his supporter and defended that Sanders is the best positioned to defeat the current president in November: “And Trump he knows, why else do you think he came here (to New Hampshire) tonight? “AOC speaking at a jam-packed Whittemore Center Arena in New Hampshire for Bernie. Bernie’s got the people but NH, let’s not take anything for granted: Get out there tomorrow and vote and bring your family and friends with you!– Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) February 11, 2020The campaign of the leftist senator, who leads the polls in New Hampshire – 7.4 points from the second, Pete Buttigieg – and is in a technical tie with Joe Biden nationwide, wants to win in these elections and demonstrate strength to his main Democratic rival in these elections and in those held in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Sanders waved their usual flags: health, education, end the business of the arms, pharmaceutical, fossil fuel industries , from prisons and private detention centers, legalization of marijuana throughout the country and the fight against the climate crisis. “Let’s win this, let’s transform the United States!” Exclaimed the candidate. Hours in the rain to listen to the president After weeks of supporting the Democratic candidates touring their state, the “trumpists” of New Hampshire were able to resarcise with a visit from their leader, although he has the re-election assured as a candidate of the Republican Party. Hundreds of people endured lousy weather conditions for hours to enter the pavilion, with freezing temperatures and a mixture of rain and snow.Cold rain, snow and lots of Trump supporters. Despite the miserable weather, there are already more people lining up outside the venue of @realDonaldTrump

Ra s rally tonight than you see at most of the events for the Democratic candidates. Some have been out here all night– Jonathan Karl (@jonkarl) February 10, 2020Shortly after noon, six hours before the start of the act, Bebe Fitzgerald assured Efe while queuing that since Trump arrived at the White House in 2017 his company has “doubled” his salary, something he attributed to the president’s policies “I have opportunities that I had never had before, I used to earn $ 8.50 an hour and now I have a very good salary, doing the same job,” he said, describing a general feeling of economic boom that may be key in Trump’s favor in the November elections. After that long wait, Trump’s rally lasted just 57 minutes, one of the shortest reminders of a president who usually stretches almost two hours. “I think they are all lazy,” the president said of the Democratic candidates. THANK YOU NEW HAMPSHIRE!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 11, 2020While the Democrats compete with each other to choose Trump’s rival, the Republican leader seeks to expand his 2016 victory, starting with New Hampshire, a state that aspires to dye red for the first time since 2000 after Hillary Clinton took him for barely 2,500 votes. Trump evidenced at Monday’s rally that New Hampshire is a thorn in justifying Clinton’s victory for alleged “buses” full of voters that Democrats “sent from Massachusetts.”




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