Sanó Moves To The Initial And Gives The Anteroom To Donaldson

FORT MYERS, Florida, USA (AP) – When the Twins intended to hire free agent Josh Donaldson, Dominican Miguel Sanó knew what the club would ask. He did not doubt it. He sent a video to Donaldson in an attempt to convince the Most Valuable Player of the American League to join the Twins. The Dominican told his potential companion that he would gladly give up the anteroom and move to first base He only played in the initial in 31 games since his debut in the Major Leagues in 2015, and tried to improve his performance in the third pad in the last five seasons. energy, ”said Sanó. “I love that kind of baseball player. He has a positive attitude and loves the game. He likes to win and play hard. I see that aspect all the time. “And the other Minnesota players appreciated Sanó’s gesture.” I think the partner who helped in the JD recruitment process, who has said, ‘hey, you can stay in the third, I’m willing to go to the first one, “he deserves to be here,” said Jake Odorizzi, who worked two tickets on Wednesday against Philadelphia. “It was a good team maneuver and a good attitude from the team. I don’t think they recognized him enough credit for leaving his position to bring a player he knew could help the team quite a bit. So, he has a lot of merit, ”he said. After a disappointing start in the 2019 campaign, when he was sidelined in mid-May by a laceration on a heel during the winter league in the Dominican Republic, Sanó resurfaced with 34 home runs, the best mark He headed the “Bomb Squadron” of Minnesota that imposed an MLB mark with 307 flies and won the title of the Central Division of the American League. The Twins rewarded Sanó with a three-year contract extension and 30 million dollars during the break between campaigns. In previous preseason there were doubts about Sanó in terms of conditioning. This has not happened in the current year “He is in great shape,” said the pilot Rocco Baldelli, “He has arrived and has worked again for the second consecutive preseason; He has worked incredibly hard. It has good mobility. I don’t think people forget it, although I would be surprised if it were; He is an incredible athlete. ”“ Just because of his size and strength does not mean he is unable to run. You can run and put great effort in the bases. ”



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