Santa Fe Cut His Streak And Tied With Huila On Date 16 Of The Eagle League – Colombian Soccer – Sports

Santa Fe Cut His Streak And Tied With Huila On Date 16 Of The Eagle League – Colombian Soccer – Sports

Finally the anguish and despair that had been absent from Santa Fe reappeared. Finally the bow was closed and the team, no matter how hard they tried, by all means, did not find the goal of victory. He was looking for his eighth consecutive win, but he drew with Atlético Huila, 0-0 at El Campín.

Santa Fe came to get entangled in the match that was not expected to get entangled, because the team was very solid, with a lot of goal. But Santa Fe found a wall that was not even the rival defense, it was the goalkeeper Banguera, former Santa Fe, who was responsible for the tie.

The team, in any case, was a steamroller. He made plays by the bands, from the center, from above, from below. Duque topped, tried Sambueza, Velasquez approached, and in each attempt they met the Banguera archer, who knows them well and was determined to draw his bow in zeros.


The archer was in his night, and the players of Santa Fe lost that duel. As in that great header of Sambueza in the first part that was not a goal because of the agile Banguera. The flyer had at least three scoring opportunities and could not.

Huila just waited, to prevent the steamroller from passing him. And from time to time he put in some fierce counterattacks, taking advantage of cardinal carelessness, which clashed with the humanity of Castellanos, also of great performance.

Santa Fe was running out of time. He lost depth and entered into a chaotic attempt at victory. Sambueza failed again, who fought as much as he could. Anselm entered the end to be the hero and earn a place, but his header went slightly off.

It was a match that was entangled to the cardinals. 8 games passed for that situation to present itself. I add one more point, which is valuable, reached 24, still in the fight, but got tangled up with the less expected opponent.


Santa Fe 0-0 Huila

Santa Fe: Leandro Castellanos (6); Carlos Arboleda (6), Fainer Torijano (5), Nicolás Hernández (6), Federico Arbelaez (5); Daniel Giraldo (5), Sebastián Salazar (5); Dylan Borrero (5), Fabián Sambueza (6), Jhon Velásquez (5); Jefferson Duke (6).

Changes: Guillermo Murillo (5) by Dylan Borrero (12 ST), Roger Torres (5) by Daniel Giraldo (25 ST), Federico Anselmo (SC) by Jhon Velásquez (40 ST)
D.T .: Harold Rivera.

Huila: Geovanni Banguera (7); Geovan Montes (5), Víctor Moreno (6), Luis Cardoza (6), Luis Mosquera (5); Andrés Amaya (5), Jean Carlos Pestaña (6), Harrison Henao (5), Michael López (5), Bayron Garcés (6); Diego Echeverri (5).

Changes: Brayan Moreno (SC) for Bayron Garcés (30 ST), Diego Barreto for Diego Echeverri (32 ST), Jhonatan Pérez (SC) for Andrés Amaya (45 + 1 ST)
D.T .: Jorge Luis Bernal.

Goals: there was not.

Warning: Luis Mosquera (19 PT), Luis Cardoza (28 PT), Harrison Henao (32 PT), Jean Pestaña (39 PT), Andrés Amaya (8 ST), Geovanni Banguera (35 ST), Michael López (45 + 4 ST) in Huila. Federico Arbelaez (25 ST), Roger Torres (38 ST), in Santa Fe.

Expelled: there was not.

Referee: Luis Matorel (6).

Match: regular.

Stadium: El Campín.

Attendance: 11650 spectators.