Santos Remembers His Annoyance With Donald Trump – Politics

Little was left for the president of Colombia in 2018, Juan Manuel Santos, to make an unprecedented decision in foreign policy: to divest Donald Trump, the most powerful man on the planet, who planned to visit the country.

The revelation was made by Santos himself in a testimony given to a new production in digital format: The power belongs to humans.

It is a series that seeks to strip the powerful of their aura to show them to users as human beings, flesh and blood characters.


In its premiere appears the former president of Colombia (August 7, 2010 – August 7, 2018) and Nobel Peace Prize 2016, who simply tells revealing data of the crucial years in which he was in the Casa de Nariño.

At this stage, Santos managed to put an end to the armed conflict with the FARC guerrillas by signing a peace agreement that allowed this group raised in arms, the largest in the country, to put aside their war material and become in a legal political party.

Precisely, in this program, Santos says that when Colombia sought to enter the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Ocde), a club of countries considered as good practices, he learned that despite achieving approval in several of the demands, the United States was putting obstacles.

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Santos remembers that he took the phone and called the ambassador of the country in Washington and his Chancellor and told them about his intention to "get off the bus" to the president. In principle, they considered that their idea was not serious because of the obvious implications it would have for the relations of the two countries.

However, Santos insisted, but on the way Trump changed his mind and gave the country the impetus to enter the Ocde. Why did Santos make such a decision? "Because —explains the former president in The power is human – Colombia must put aside its inferiority complexes."

For Santos, we Colombians must firmly believe in our capabilities and put the points on those in international settings.

The power is of humans is a series created to distribute in the new technologies by the firm 242 Rocks Media, a creator and producer of original digital specialized content that works in Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

The series can be viewed on digital channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




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