Sara Salazar: I Had The True Love Of José José, Responds After Tribute

Sara Salazar: I had the true love of José José, responds after tribute | Instagram

Sara Salazar reacts after the tribute to the singer José José after the second wife of the "Prince" gained prominence in the event as an American chain said.

Apparently, Sara Salazar, the wife of the Mexican artist, was on the lookout for the broadcast even though she did not come to Mexico to be part of the tributes she mentioned, followed remotely through the coverage of the Telemundo network, whom she thanked for allowing her to see " the love with which the singer was received and fired in Mexico. "


After the honors were given to singer José José in Mexico last Wednesday, after several days that the Mexican people looked forward to the arrival of his remains, relatives and close friends attended to say goodbye, including Anel Noreña, with whom he was married a little more 21 years and with whom he procreated his two children José Joel and Marysol.

Apparently the widow was not angered or bothered by the protogonism mentioned by the journalist María Celeste Arrarás, head of said program, who commented that the presence of Anel Noreña in these honors to the singer was out of place since she said "she is not the widow" , comments that will generate several criticisms from his detractors.

The journalist interviewed the right hand of Mrs. Sara Salazar, Luis Ernesto Berrio and he himself details that the interpreter's wife followed the transmission and certain moments in which her rival of loves Anel Noreña can be seen, who appears in the front row during the tributes.

Anel was seen, at the time of arriving the plane that moved the remains of her ex-husband, who were guarded by her children José Joel and Marysol, appears in the front row during the tributes as well as riding guards to the coffin of his partner .

However, according to the widow's publirelationist, this did not bother Sara as she even said that "the Mexican people must feel calm as she is since she feels sure she has had the true love of the so-called Prince of the Song for more than a quarter of a century "according to his words quoted by Luis Ernesto Berrios.

Also, Luis Ernesto seized the moment and claims to witness the love with which Sarita took care of the interpreter.

On the other hand, he clarified that Sara and her family have not given statements because in these moments they find many mixed feelings when they see the emotional images of the farewell of the idol of the song and have preferred not to speak before the cameras.

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