Sara Salazar, Widow Of José José Sends Message To Anel Noreña

Sara Salazar, widow of José José sends message to Anel Noreña | Instagram

This morning the remains of José José arrived in the country that saw him become "The Prince of the song" and just at the foot of the plane were his eldest sons and his ex-wife actress Anel Noreña. Situation that caused controversy and that of course generated a response from Sara Salazar, widow of José José who sends a message to the mother of José Joel y Marysol.

It was through the “Al Rojo Rojo” program that the message was transmitted. Luis Ernesto Berrio, friend of the Prince and Sara Salazar shared some of the words of the Sosa Salazar family.


Luis Ernesto said in this interview that Sara Salazar's family is grateful to the Telemundo network for allowing them to watch on the television the way in which the people of Mexico dismiss José José as a Prince.

Similarly, Luis Ernesto took advantage of the moment to ensure that he witnessed the love with which José José Sarita and her husband were taking care. In that interview he was asked what the widow of the singer thought about the role of Anel.

The message

To which he replied, that Sara Salazar is calm and asks the people not to worry, because she was the one who had the true love of José José for more than a quarter of a century, 25 years.

The family friend said that Sara Salazar, José José's widow, is not angry or upset. Only that she and her family now have mixed feelings when they see the emotional images of the farewell of the idol of the song, which is why they prefer not to give interviews.

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