Sarita Salazar: The Angel Who Saved Him According To José José

Sarita Salazar: the angel who saved him according to José José | AP

Sara Salazar, widow of singer José José meant the angel who saved him from vices according to what the same interpreter revealed in an interview that was conducted several years ago.

These statements were made known by a news network of the American union itself that is well known.


Apparently, the one who became his last wife and later his former manager Sara Salazar would have become a saving angel at a time since the artist was going through a hard recovery from alcoholism at the time the Cuban appeared in his life.

José José and Sara Salazar joined in marriage in 1993, the Cuban used demonstrations of love and interest that earned her the tender heart of the Prince of the Song.

The Mexican artist was also going through a tough stage on the sentimental level since he was leaving a failed attempt at reconciliation with Anel Noreña, his second wife and mother of his firstborn José Joel and Marysol.

The day Sara Salazar came to her life

Both met during a party, were presented by the then manager of singer Willy Vicedo, supposedly, the Cuban did not even know him and confused him with a salsa singer. According to the statements of Sara Salazar.

I grew up listening to American music and asked him if he was a salsa singer and he answered if I have to sing salsa.

José José at that time was trying to reorganize his life and let's say his first date was in the church where she accompanied him.

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Sara Salazar at that time was also a divorced woman with two daughters "Monique and Celine".

Sara's family disagreed with the relationship that began to emerge with the weak interpreter to the addictions he was dealing with and less to get him into his house having two daughters according to a comment revealed by the magazine selections.

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The singer says "he stayed to live in the living room of the Cuban house, her daughters were in their bedroom themselves sleeping with their babysitter. And so I fell in love with her," he said.

Both married in 1995, the singer possibly felt a deep gratitude at the time for what he also considered her protective angel since she accompanied him at one of his worst moments.

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However, it was not the first major crisis of the singer since his second wife Anel Noreña struggled for many years to prevent him from hitting the bottom and although at some point he did not succeed in keeping the promise to drink again, that combined with other reasons collapsed Your marriage.

You can also read Anel in tears in the middle of the program when he learns that José José would come in ashes

The fruit of their union with Sara Salazar, was "Sarita" Sosa, their daughter meant a new impulse for the singer not to try a drop of alcohol again.

Today a star shines there in the sky, your Light will not go out and shine at all times. Your tracks will be marked on this blessed ground, now together with the grandparents singing in the kingdom of heaven. Now you will be that angel who will always be with me, and my heart will always be with you. I know you take care of me and bless me from above, you will never die as long as your voice is still alive. I still see your reflection when I see myself in the mirror, And today you're so far away who will give me advice. At your side I learned to paint my gray days, We had hard days and also happy days. You will always be the love of my life, You can not imagine how much this farewell hurt me. I have had days of anguish and pain, but also the happiness that you are in a better place. And I will not deny that I have been filled with fear, but thanks to you I learned to be a gladiator. The promise I made to you believe me that it was sincere, You prepared me dad to face the world outside. But I was never ready for the day you left. When I forget who I am, you remind me who you were.

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