Sarita Sosa Reacts To The Attacks Of The Mexican Press

Sarita Sosa reacts to the attacks of the Mexican press | Instagram

Sarita, the youngest daughter of singer José José reacted after the constant attacks he has been subjected to after the recent departure of his father, the famous artist.

In the company of his mother and singer's widow, Sara Salazar and "Sarita" were approached by a reporter who intended to conduct an interview first with the interpreter's widow, however she omitted the comments and only thanked the tributes from the Mexican public towards her late husband.


Subsequently "Sarita" Sosa spoke in front of the cameras and was accessible to answer what his opinion is about the attacks he has been targeted in recent days after the announcement of the singer's death.

"Sarita" Sosa first commented that if he had seen the tribute that Mexico paid to his father, the artist José José and that he had also found it "very beautiful".

As for how he takes the criticisms that have been unleashed against him in recent days, he said that it does generate some discomfort.

Sure, but I'm at peace, thank God everything is well pointed out.

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Also, "Sarita" sent a message to all Mexicans who have indicated it in all media and even on a cover of a well-known magazine in Mexico, the young woman responds

May God bless you and the people who know us know the truth, I wish everyone the best, their words were always expressed in a way too serene.

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On the other hand he detailed the relationship between the actor and now deputy Sergio Mayer and them to what he commented

He is a very good friend of my parents' family, of my brothers as well as my uncle Jaime, (father-in-law of the actor) went to give us his condolences, we talked for a while all very well, thank God.

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As to whether he would keep the royalties of the singer, he said he had no idea where that information had come from, but on the other hand it is a topic that is unimportant for his family since they first want to honor the memory of his Father detailed.

It is resolved later, that right now is not important since right now what we are dealing with is honoring Dad and remembering all those happy moments that we spent together.

Today a star shines there in the sky, your Light will not go out and shine at all times. Your tracks will be marked on this blessed ground, now together with the grandparents singing in the kingdom of heaven. Now you will be that angel who will always be with me, and my heart will always be with you. I know you take care of me and bless me from above, you will never die as long as your voice is still alive. I still see your reflection when I see myself in the mirror, And today you're so far away who will give me advice. At your side I learned to paint my gray days, We had hard days and also happy days. You will always be the love of my life, You can not imagine how much this farewell hurt me. I have had days of anguish and pain, but also the happiness that you are in a better place. And I will not deny that I have been filled with fear, but thanks to you I learned to be a gladiator. The promise I made to you believe me that it was sincere, You prepared me dad to face the world outside. But I was never ready for the day you left. When I forget who I am, you remind me who you were.

A shared post by Sara Sosa (@sari_oficial) on Oct 9, 2019 at 2:13 p.m. PDT

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Will continue his career

As for his dream of continuing in music, as requested by his father, José José, according to his words, he mentions that right now he is focusing on his mother, his baby and then he will pay attention to that part, he also concludes saying that he is at peace because he carried out his mother's will and his father spoke in front of the cameras in the middle Drop the Soup.