Sarita Told José José That They Were Poisoned; Here All About How He Manipulated It

Sarita told José José that they were poisoned; here all about how he manipulated it. | INSTAGRAM PHOTO

Like a real soap opera with drama, good and villains, it's how the Prince of the song lived the last years of his life, and that, according to the producer of his next biographical film, Sarita told José José that they were poisoning him . Here all about how he manipulated it.

Have you ever wondered what was the reason why Sarita managed to take her father to Miami? And that he also managed to cut off communication with his other two children, who lived in Mexico. As Jorge Jiménez, producer of the next film that will leave José José, uncovered the sewer of this controversial stage of his life.


To make the film, Jorge Jiménez began interviewing José José for almost a decade, in 2010, to be exact; whose information you would use for your bioseries.

He saw it with his own eyes

The closeness between Jiménez and the singer in those days was such that he managed to realize the way in which his youngest daughter manipulated him at will.

The newspaper Reforma conducted an interview with the producer, who now prepares what will be the biographical film of the Mexican idol, entitled Mr. Sold Out: José José, and assured that the image that is taken in Mexico of “Las Saras”, is not far of reality

Jorge Jiménez emphasized that his relationship and communication with the artist was severely cut off, when Sarita no longer allowed it, in 2018.

"Sara Sosa, in front of José, told me there was an investigation because Laura Núñez (the singer's assistant) was poisoning her father," he said.

Similarly, "Sarita" said Rafael Rivas, José José's manager at the time, was paying doctors to "invent" that he had cancer.

"They told him that they and their children in Mexico wanted to stay everything and he, sick, was believing," the producer accused.

As for these statements, neither Marysol Sosa, much less Laura Núñez, who knew everything about José José, doubted these arguments made by Sarita Sosa, in order to take the Gavilán or Paloma interpreter to Miami.

"It could be, already seeing the evil of the girl, I might have told him that they were poisoning him, but defamation is jail," said Laura Nunez.

José José lived cheated by his daughter

“His daughter used God a lot. I told him that Diosito told him to rescue him. For me, the manipulation is very clear. She told me: ‘If you want to be part of my team, I forbid you to talk to Laura and Rafa’. In front of José, I asked him if he agreed and she interrupted to show that he had the command, ”he revealed.

On the other hand, Jorge Jiménez also accused that in 2017 José José refused to return with his third wife and mother of Sarita, Sara Salazar, and considered her husband's husband a scum.

And confirming what his eldest children and other close friends of the artist in Mexico, said, the producer said that José José's last will was always to be buried, and not cremated, as “Las Saras” decided, and that it was finally carried out .

"Saying that to stay part there was a melodrama that I call Machiavellian, orchestrated and selfish," he said.

And although he still needs to interview crucial characters in the life of the interpreter, such as his ex-wife, Anel Noreña, and his friend Ricardo Rocha, the producer has already shared what the final scene of his film could be.

"He will end up with him taking the phone and then to a person who comes, he takes the phone and says: 'I already told you that you are not going to talk to anyone, those people just wanted to abuse,'" he shared.

The truths of the death of the idol

But that is not all the murky in the last years of José José's life, because, for Marysol Sosa, his daughter from his second marriage, there are still more questions to be resolved that remain unresolved, as the reason why his father did not He contacted her and José Joel again, as well as the reason he did not want to meet his granddaughter, Marysol's daughter.

Also, it is not clear the real reason for his death, although in the death certificate is determined as pancreatic cancer, although, depending on when he left Mexico he was cured of that disease.

As if that were not enough, for Marysol Sosa it is also necessary to clarify the situation around the profits of the royalties of José José that supposedly go directly to the pocket of the deputy Sergio Mayer, because “apparently he did things he did not have to do”.

And while Laura Núñez, José José's former manager has already raised a labor demand for her work with the singer for 18 years, in addition to some payments that were pending; Marysol Sosa still does not know what will happen to the situation of her father's will, because the subject was discussed many years ago, when Sarita still did not take it.

What is true, is that the relationship between José Joel and Marysol with Sarita Sosa, will never be restored, for everything that has happened, especially from the moment the singer died, until he was cremated, and all the controversy that surrounds the family of the Prince of the Song.